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  • Gas was under $3/gallon at some gas stations here in CT. I think the lowest I saw was like $2.87/gallon.

  • 23 minutes ago, JFW657 said:

    Spoken like a dedicated Republican.  :thumbsup:

    "Nooooooooo....... Wrong DeShameless is not the politically opportunistic, gutless Trump panderer he shows himself to be in virtually everything he says and does. Nooooooooo...... he's just a good guy who cares about children!!!!"

    Puh-lease. <_< 

    Look, I'm not saying you're completely off base about big pharma being against legalized weed and using their financial clout to fight it. But I don't think they are the only or even the biggest factor.

    And when you consider the money states can make off of taxing it and all the other little opportunities for personal pocket lining that brings with it for lawmakers, big pharma's bribes don't amount to as much as one might assume. 

    Plus, who's to say DeShameless isn't taking his own share of big pharma cash? 

    But I think the real issue is Rhonda's Presidential ambitions which requires kissing the backsides of the bible kooks who dream of Trump 2 The Sequel. 

    that's my point.  you guys are such hypocrites targeting DeSantis when the president and family have so much current real baggage it just goes ignored.

    Every politician is corrupt no matter what anyone says. 

    Republicans are WORSE than liberals when it comes to sucking on the teat of big pharma.  At least the pot smokers figured holistic stuff out years ago; they're the first to start questioning the system as it is and as it is marketed to everyone.  I know the FDA has shut down certain clinics and/or pharmacies that offered holistic remedies that actually worked.  Why do you think people fly out to CA and drive to Tijuana?

    I'm no republican.  I can't even vote in their primaries.  I told you...I voted for Trump to shake the hornet's nest.  He did; it rebelled and tried to destroy him...and "failed" miserably.  But I realized later it was all a game.  The fact they didn't impeach him a second time is part of the proof.  But no one wants to listen.  Rather, feel comfortable in your ignorance and just write this cat off as a "kook."

    DeSantis is absolutely politically opportunistic; 100%.  are you kidding?  colleagues of mine tried to get him to grant clemency for an inmate, and he shot it down like a good Republican would, toting the party line.

    On the children issue:  yes he panders to his constituents.  But if my kid told me his teach was teaching him or her about sex changes and BS, it would get violent.  Newsflash:  the supermajority of floridians agree with that, including democrats, which means it is without a doubt a 100% legitimate attitude to have as a parent, and stance to take if you re[present those parents; so criticizing him for it is just political bias, and you know it. You don't think it's a big deal? Shoot...inmates in prison will come after you if they find out you committed a crime of any sort involving kids.

    Trump 2 will happen only b/c THEY want something passed they THEY think could only pass muster if He was president, not the current "brain dead" liberal socialist capitalist elitist in office (who plays his role perfectly) who has been in DC since the 1970's. 

  • the deal is dead. financing fell through

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