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Found 11 results

  1. This area is predominantly an industrial, but it does have a number of minority neighborhoods. They are often forgotten in urbanization and development circles, because they are neighborhoods that have generally been lacking in projects outside of the housing authority. I was not familiar with all of these neighborhood names, but they are defined by the city's neighborhood quality of life study here: http://ww.charmeck.org/qol/cwac.htm Greenville is the most known and stable of the neighborhoods in this area, as it is both the farthest from industrial uses and among the closest to downtown. Lockwood is a name I wasn't familiar with until researching it, but it is directly northeast of 4th Ward between Tryon and Graham. In 1998, the city got federal approval for a Hope VI project called the Park at Oaklawn http://www.crosland.com/apartments/propert...ark_at_oaklawn/ You can read more about the conversion plan here: http://www.cha-nc.org/documents/HOPE%20VI%20Properties.pdf The only Planning Department plan I see for the area only encompassed most of the neighborhoods I have included in this thread, but it specifically focused on the Statesville Avenue corridor. http://ww.charmeck.org/Planning/Land%20Use...ille_Avenue.pdf The neighborhoods I have listed include large sections of industrial areas, but do include housing areas that have around 10,000 residents. As the area is fragile socially, and is known for its industry, crime and poverty, these areas have generally been bypassed for growth outside of direct public investment in housing. However, we have recently seen Wilmore become a valuable neighborhood and many projects coming to westside neighborhoods, especially Wesley Heights, and Optimist Park and Belmont begin to see regeneration and growth. Now, on the fringes of uptown, we are starting to see growth due north into the neighborhoods included in this thread. Technical Noah Lazes' Uptown Village and NC Music Factory is within the traditional boundaries of the Greenville Neighborhood, although the interstate has caused that to be generally considered part of uptown lately. We now know that there is a plan to put townhomes on 12th Street just beyond Brookshire Freeway from uptown in a project called City View Terrace. It will be 58 units starting at $300k. While this is technically beginning to pioneer out into these neighborhoods, it is south of the Seaboard Railroad tracks, so it is still the traditional uptown neighborhoods rather than the other neighborhoods beyond that. http://www.charlotte.com/485/story/351306.html
  2. Since I am loosing track of the apartment projects announced in the South corridor I put together a map showing the locations of announcements I could find and any assoicated information like the number of units. I also added the uptown, Seigle Point and midtown projects which I knew about. I included the Strawn project not because it looks eminent, but I felt like it was important. The map is available here to edit: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zVkgech8oPvQ.kAkwm8EIn_7Y It is very likely that 1) I missed some projects and 2) I messed up some project boundaries (I did not check Polaris for parcel ownership). I am happy to make any corrections requested.
  3. Since we have a Charlotte Greenways thread, I figured we should dedicate a thread to parks in general. So, in 2nd Ward topic @kermit brought up the ParkScore by the Trust for Public Land: http://parkscore.tpl.org/city.php?city=Charlotte I initially replied there, but this subject should be discussed in depth - and I could not find a thread that was dedicated to Parks overall (not just greenways). In my reply I compare it to Seattle - http://parkscore.tpl.org/city.php?city=Seattle The CharMeck Parks and Recreation website has details on all existing parks: https://www.mecknc.gov/ParkandRec/Parks/Pages/default.aspx
  4. I couldn't find a thread about Matthews, or generally about the small towns right around CLT, so I'm making this for all things regarding my home town of Matthews! Is anyone else from the area, or live there? There is some development happening now and down the road, but I haven't seen any info on it on the boards or on the development maps. First, I noticed another parcel in the North End district, right along N Trade St, is now under construction, but I can't find any info about it anywhere. Anyone have any insight about it? I'm loving how North End is looking and feeling. As they continue to connect more and more streets around downtown they're really expanding the urban footprint. Also, the Silver Line talks have made me interested in how Matthews will develop its eventual TOD areas. Anyone think that once the Silver Line gets funded (God/Allah/Ganesh-willing), Matthews will have the potential to become a mini-urban center outside of CLT? Like Sommerville, MA or something? Food for thought. Another is one I don't know how to feel about. Plantation Estates (Which has a big retirement community complex up Fullwood Ln on 51) is expanding onto the wooded parcel across the street from the big Methodist Church on S Trade St, behind that ever-present brick wall that's always been there. Here's another story that talks about the local concerns. Okay, sure, I understand. The Boomers are aging, they want places to feel at home. And elderly citizens are a stable tax base to have in a municipality (no kids to use up the public services/schools), as well as wanting to live in walkable communities. But my biggest issue is them gating it. Which I understand, they also want safety. But when you look at how adjacent the parcel is to the downtown gridded-street network, it seems like a waste of what could have been a well-designed SOUTH End district. But fortunately, the developer is going to extend the four-mile creek greenway from its current terminus that spits out onto Trade St, so that it wraps all around its property, along Fullwood and Trade, and connecting to Freemont. So that is nice for the suburbs further out there, at least. I am wondering if I'm just too young to appreciate diversifying your age demographics. Anyway. Any thoughts? Opinions about Matthews? News updates?
  5. [DOWNTOWN] Old Charlotte Observer Site https://api.ibeamsystems.com/api/cameras/6a0926d114/large/latest/?timestamped=true 300 South Tryon https://oxblue.com/open/spectrum/tryon 500 East Morehead http://oxblue.com/open/balfourbeatty/500emorehead WCNC Uptown Camera http://bit.ly/1EUryOq WBTV Charlotte Tower Cam: http://bit.ly/18bxd2Q Mecklenburg County Air Quality cam: http://bit.ly/qcxjgu Fountains at New Bern Station http://bit.ly/VpybvM Gateway West Apartments http://bit.ly/SuujZO Charlotte Knights: http://bit.ly/Q82NnY http://bit.ly/XsPm4u Downtown [Weatherbug] http://bit.ly/1iHqa3E 1616 Camden http://bit.ly/1uBq0NJ 300 South Tryon http://bit.ly/1DuOwew [METRO] Capital Towers http://bit.ly/1vaYTgd Langtree at the Lake http://bit.ly/VFAH75 Silos at South End http://bit.ly/XsI9y8 Circle at Piedmont http://bit.ly/N4bPMG 1225 S Church (Phase 2) http://bit.ly/q13xeG 330 W Tremont http://bit.ly/GOdPMq Lowes Motor Speedway: http://bit.ly/RqH4H6 SkyHouse http://bit.ly/1jY0uiG Carowinds [Fury 325] http://bit.ly/1uwUXs8 [ARCHIVED] Charlotte-Douglas International Airport http://bit.ly/qfnAq8 Gastonia: http://bit.ly/qNbjZ5 Lowes Motor Speedway: http://bit.ly/o3cQg3 University of North Carolina at Charlotte: http://bit.ly/r6Xsa6 http://bit.ly/otiia7 UNCC Football Stadium http://bit.ly/qPiQNk Downtown from East: http://bit.ly/obTo0t Romare Bearden Park: http://bit.ly/KsXcAM Whole Foods http://bit.ly/nSbaIm UNCC-EPIC: http://bit.ly/pQCFms Aloft Ballantyne: http://bit.ly/oaDlYI Garrison at Graham: http://bit.ly/ruCxc7 101 Tremont: http://bit.ly/nNkJRS Charlotte Observer/Wachovia Arts Complex: http://bit.ly/nIGQls 210 Trade/Epicenter: http://bit.ly/pjfozW Avenue: http://bit.ly/oSMhys Catalyst: http://bit.ly/pbVilc Royal Court: http://bit.ly/p7HhPZ 1225 S. Church (apartments): http://bit.ly/ngniyS Ballantyne Everett: http://bit.ly/pt9n2w
  6. The search for this thread was prompted by the big announcement that Crescent Communities is being acquired by Sumitomo Forestry America, a subsidiary of a Japanese firm. There are many sides to this transaction: Sumitomo Forestry America will pump more capital and is more vertically integrated now to handle future expansion and also sees huge potential in Charlotte. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/latest-news/article209961859.html in June of 2009 Crescent Resources filed for bankruptcy protection -- in June of 2010 they emerged https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/stories/2010/06/14/story2.html Rebranded in 2013 to Crescent Communities. Is Crescent -- being intimately acquainted with the market -- trying to cash out as this development cycle is ending? Or worse -- Crescent sees similarities to 2008 in the economy in general and is cashing out? Lets try to stick in the "market analysis" and stay away from "doom and gloom" - "sky is falling" realm. I tried to find an existing thread for this, but the one I found is archived and not open for new posts... and it is from the "Great Recession" days.
  7. My 2019 Predictions someone has to get this started...... 1. Lowes will open a new tech office in Charlotte near uptown or SouthEnd 2. More corporate relocations of various sizes mainly from the tri-state area of NY NJ CT 3. Apartment boom continues but at slower pace and spreads out to suburbs and northeast towards UNCC 4. More developments announced along BLE towards the university area including office developments closer in 5. Another major office tower will be announced in SouthEnd excluding the Spectrum and Portman proposals. 6. Legacy 3 will be announced (office hotel or residential to be determined) 7. The 77 toll express lanes will finally open and much to everyone surprise people will actually use them 8. Airport continues to grow with additional domestic and international service 9. Housing market continues to chug along price increases slow but affordable homes under $250K remain red hot. 10. More townhome developments are announced all over town 11. More tilt up warehouses tilt up all over the region 12. Rea Farms Village attracts major office tenant in Providence 485 market 13. Ballantyne development starts up again with 1-2 new buildings 14. SouthPark Mall lures a few new to market retailers 15. Eastland site finally gets going with some development work 16. Levine land holdings further sit idle but another parcel is sold off to be developed by someone else 17. North Tryon corridor gets going with some BIG bang announcements 18. Publix on N Tryon gets underway as apart of the 10 Tryon development 19. Capitol Towers 3 in SouthPark attracts new to market tenant 20. Surrounding counties especially Union, Cabarrus, Gaston and York heat up even more 21. Some BIG job announcements are announced elsewhere in NC 22. Record low unemployment in 2019 across the state 23. Charlotte attracts another big event for a future year 24. More QuikTrips are built around the region and Krispy Kreme finally admits its HQ is in Charlotte 25. KJ is spotted more around town at Superica, Sabor, Krispy Kreme and Ruth’s Chris and Chuys. He buys new camera too.
  8. mazman34340


    "If your zoning maps looks like mosaics, it might be time to update your zoning laws."
  9. Neo

    Romare Bearden Park

    From the album: Neo

  10. Romare Bearden park construction in downtown Charlotte as of September 28, 2012
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