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Found 7 results

  1. The new info on the 16 & 20 story residential towers that are part of the project starts on page 2 of this thread on Jan. 29, 2021. Here is the original info: Somera Road, a development firm out of NYC, is finalizing details on the purchase of 2.6 acres along 8th Ave. South by year's end that includes the Voorhees Building and the onetime home of the Downtown Antique Mall. The plan will be to keep and upgrade those two structures and upgrading them with new lobbies, windows, elevators, etc. to become Class A office space. Most likely the remaining 3 other nondescript/non-historical buildings on the site would be razed. In their place could go new structures that might rise as high as 11 stories that would weave between those remaining two. Mixed-use of retail, office, hotel, and parking is envisioned. Manuel Zeitlan Architects and ESa have been enlisted for design and architectural efforts. They are open to selling some of the parcels or co-developing. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21083109/plans-released-for-two-key-gulch-buildings The former Downtown Antique Mall structure will be saved and refurbished into Class A office space: The Voorhees Building will also be saved and refurbished for Class A office space:
  2. An up-to-24 story mixed-use tower including apartments, hotel space, and a parking garage is being planned by HRI Properties (owners of Holston House) at the SW corner of Rosa Parks Blvd. and Commerce St. that has been owned by Christ Church Cathedral as a surface lot for parishoners over the past dozen years. Prior to 2004, it had been home to the Hathcock Building, which was razed then. As part of the new tower, the church will retain at least 75 contiguous and structured parking spaces in the future building and receive monthly ground lease payments. HRI will now begin securing various Metro approvals and financing, which they hope to complete by the end of this year. They are currently working on architectural drawings and schematics for review. They hope to break ground by early 2020, with a 2 year construction planned. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21024679/tower-eyed-for-downtown-church-parking-lot Looking SW from intersection of Rosa Parks Blvd. and Commerce St: This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map show the property in teal listed as HRI Mixed-use Building in the center of the frame:
  3. Flank Inc. is going to develop a high-end mixed-use tower in the north Gulch on the 1.1 acre site of the Gibson Guitar Building at 1117 Church St. (which borders the Church Street Viaduct at 12th Ave. North. No price for the sale from Somera Road is currently known, but the sale is to be finished by year's end. No word on floors/height yet. They purchased an additional the .34 acre site at 130 12th Ave. North (just south of the Gibson Building site) from Somera Road for $6.9 million a few days ago. Permits seem to be in place for the demo of the Gibson Building. Last year, Somera Road had planned on redeveloping the 1946-era Gibson structure into retail/office space. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21090367/nyc-company-pays-69m-for-north-gulch-site And behind the NBJ paywall here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/10/03/new-york-hotel-developer-lines-up-second-high-rise.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline This screen snot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:
  4. Flank Inc, a NY based real estate developer, wants to build a 20 story, 192 room luxury hotel at 1101 Grundy. The site currently has a nondescript 3 story brick warehouse on the .37 acre site. The group has a contract to buy the site from Gulch Grundy Partners, who had purchased the plot for $2.05 million in 2015. No word on which brand might be chosen, although Flank has worked with Perry Lane (a Marriott luxury brand) on some other recent projects in other cities. They are requesting 2 exemptions from design requirements of zoning regulations for that area and will go will go before the Metro Planning Commission on Thursday, Dec. 13. The tower will also include a high-end restaurant and parking garage. This hotel will be less than a block away from the new Asurion HQ, which will employ 2,000 people. The site also borders on Highwoods Properties (The Tennessean site), as well as being 1.5 blocks from the Endeavor's 1200 Broadway and The Gossett. Directly across the street to the north will be the Pins Mechanical Company entertainment venue. A lot percolating in this quadrant now. More behind the NBJ paywall here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2018/10/08/new-york-citydeveloper-pursues-15-story-gulch.html?s=print And the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21026197/north-gulch-site-slated-for-hotel Here is a massing render looking towards the SW: This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site in teal (traced in white) in the middle of the frame:
  5. 125 11th Ave. North will be a 26 story, 322' residential tower featuring 387 units, 17,000 sq. ft. of ground level restaurant/retail, and internal garage (2 levels below grade, 2 above) with about 425 spaces. It is being developed by Flank, Inc., and will serve as a companion tower to their 21 story Gibson Residences currently u.c. directly to the west. There will be an upper patio/plaza that connects the two over Comer's Alley and fronting the Church Street Viaduct. Flank paid $16 million for the land in May of this year. Downtown Code permits 20 floors at this site, so Flank will be requesting 6 floors of bonus height. ESa is serving as the architect. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/images-released-for-north-gulch-building-to-front-viaduct/article_a8a7fb52-3e62-11ec-b254-7b87de3f8bfd.html And at NashvilleNowNext here: https://nashvillenownext.com/2021/11/08/esa-designed-tower-proposed-next-to-asurion-hqs-in-the-nashville-gulch/ And at NBJ here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2021/11/09/flank-tower.html This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:
  6. Demonbreun Hill, the 12 parcel, 3.4 acre site at 1514-1530 Demonbreun, 1529-1533 McGavock, and 112-118 16th Ave. South has sold to Hall Capital for $56 million. It was previously owned by Aurora PCS, which paid $29 million for it in 2016. It does not include 1538 Demonbreun (Tailgate Brewing), which is on the corner of Demonbreun and 16th Ave. South at the Musica Circle. Hall Capital, out of Oklahoma City, is a partner with Pat Emery on some other projects around town. For the time being, the retail and restaurant/bar tenants along Demonbreun will remain intact. Allie Hall, Hall Emery vice president of leasing and development, said the company anticipates the surface parking to be “poised for development in the near term, while letting the existing retail remain in place. We will be exploring those near-term development options over the next several months.” Hall said tenants that could be affected by the near-term development operate on shorter-term leases and will not be inconvenienced by future construction work on the site. In 2013, Nashville-based Elmington Capital Group acquired the property for about $17.68 million and considered reinventing it with a multi-phased mixed-use development that could have included a grocery store. ECG later sold to Aurora, which seemingly never made its plans for the site clear. Hall said the company is not ready to note if a grocery store component might be included in any future reinvention of the site. FirstBank has provided Hall Capital three loans with a collective value of about $28 million, separate Metro documents note. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/high-profile-midtown-retail-property-sells-for-56m/article_0980b484-fcb1-11ec-ae30-3bf763590b79.html This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame: Below are renderings/diagrams for the original Elmington Capital plans in 2014. Apparently Hall Capital wants to do something similar.
  7. 516-526 Rep. John Lewis Way South (5th Ave. South) will be a 16-18 story residential tower featuring and unknown amount of micro units and underground garage, being put together by ELK Development. They purchased the 3 plots that make up the .96 acre site for a cumulative $14.55 million. More details will be forthcoming. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/image-shows-16-story-building-eyed-for-sobro/article_f01ab8c8-5c5b-11ec-9b58-ff25334517bd.html This screen shot from Smeagolfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:
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