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It seems that people are beginning to move back 'inside the loop' in the downtown, Germantown, and West End areas...but the ring of neighborhoods around that seem to be losing population. Hopefully we can influence some growth thoughout the city instead of just the central city or the outskirts of the county.

Any thoughts?

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At least the losses don't seem that dramatic in the "pink" areas between the core and closer burbs. I'm pretty amazed at the burbs surrounding the areas with such strong growth anticpated.

People do like the burbs and always will. But it's gratifying that so many are expected to move into the central city over the next few years. Quite a switch from the flight pattens of the past when it was flight out and nothing in. At least some are reversing the trend. I'm only 5 miles out from the core, but would still like to be closer. Someday, hopefully, I will. But I'm having the house painted right now, so I guess I'll stick around a while. Downtown, 7 minutes, not too bad.

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