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If anyone knows of any webcams located downtown please post them here. Ch. 10 has their tower cam which we can view from their web site. Ch. 12 has the city cam which has a great view of the state house, mall and parcel 9 where the GTECH building is going up, but it's not on their web site. If they did (hint) we could all sit at home and watch this building rise (call/write/email them) :D This would save wear and tear on Cotuit shiney new camera. :)

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This sounded promising.

From Projo "DOWNTOWN PROVIDENCE: The road to the State House, flanked by Providence Place mall on the left. Picture will reload every 60 seconds."

Too bad it doesnt work. I get nothing but green noise. Can someone from PROJO fix this link? It sounds like the perfect cam to watch the GTECH construction.

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