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Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)


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I helped some clients buy a house in Seattle that had this situation due to an extreme slope issue. The main road that their address was on was about 20 feet higher than where the house was, so their house and all their neighbors on that little strip (6 or 7 total) had entrances along a gravel alley where each of them owned the part directly in front of their house and they all had easements to get out to the cross street. The fronts of the houses faced the alley so they all backed up to the main road 20 feet above them.

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2 hours ago, archiham04 said:

All of these are “pork chop” lots and have at least 5-10 feet of street frontage. The rezoning request on Parkwood does not have any pork chops.

This was an interesting search/distraction.  You are right in that it does seem very rare in Meck to have the private lane set up this way.  Most are pork chopped (with what I assume are additional easements).  I did find one other set up how this one is proposed, however:  http://polaris3g.mecklenburgcountync.gov/#mat=579589&pid=08109439&gisid=08109439

The plat map referenced on the deed is recorded with an "ingress - egress easement".

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Interesting... this one is also a single building that crosses multiple properties.,and appears to have been subdivided recently (within the last 3 years)..  Also the properties front city owned land, not right of way, but city owned.

Also, within the same block is a townhouse parcel without frontage on Peridoe  Pt.

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39 minutes ago, NOLA2CLT said:

I just hope they keep the old depot buildings in the back...would be a shame to tear those down...

There is MORE than enough street frontage on Central and Pecan for them to build the buildings of their dreams (i.e. maximal return on investment), while allowing those historic buildings to stand. 

Because the Silver Line is planned to not only travel along the property's southern edge--as well as having a stop there--I would HOPE the city would take more than a cursory interest in this site. By preserving the historic buildings , they can replicate in Plaza Midwood some of the vibe of the Rail Trail in South End, and I would think any decent developer would realize the huge potential for increased traffic (i.e. retail, services, entertainment) that could inspire. We'll see. 

If anyone has contacts with city council or planning board members, now's the time to bend their ears.

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