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Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)


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1 hour ago, JacksonH said:

I wish it were this location across the street.  Nevertheless, the momentum on this part of Central Avenue is still a positive.


That location is going to be demoed, it is just a question of when and what goes there (i.e. how many stories).  I'm a little surprised it hasn't happened yet.  

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Some utility work at the independence bridge on pecan. Two guys were working on the little black poles on the sidewalk. Any idea what those are? One on each side of street (red arrow points to one) 


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1 hour ago, EastGuy4884 said:

Hi all, first time poster, but been on the east side for a few years. 

I was wondering what everyone's experience is with the accuracy of the charlottenc.gov projects page timelines? I'm specifically curious about the Kilborne Streetscape Project, as I live near there. It says utility relocation work to start early 2021, with construction to start mid 2021 (most recent update November 2020). 

Thoughts? I haven't seen much (any?) work being done on Kilborne except some major tree cut back, but that could just be Duke cleaning up the power lines. 

Welcome EastGuy. I know nothing about your question but there are many knowledgeable people in this forum. I am sure you will get some good information. This place is like Christmas. Almost everyday someone leaves a present for us all.

So basically I just wanted to say "Welcome".

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I own a property on Kilborne and the city acquired the right of way back in late 2019 (they are done with that phase)...not sure the hold up....I assume COVID, and lack of work done on multiple projects last year, just has them behind.

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17 hours ago, SpiritOf76 said:



Cross walks erased 


Would be an amazing opportunity to put in raised sidewalks to discourage cars running the stop sign and look out for pedestrians. 

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20 hours ago, turbocraig said:

So true!!  We scooted from downtown to Plaza-Midwood yesterday to check out the Juneteenth festival over there and it was like a slalom course in the bike lanes getting over there.  Good sized rocks (enough to knock you off your bike/scooter), collected dirt patches, pebble gravel strewn everywhere , etc.  It’s crazy.  And the actual sidewalk on the Storage unit/Duck Taco side was in far worse condition .  Why do we put all this effort into making this infrastructure just to never actually maintain it??   It’s like the city has all these checklist items they want to pursue in order to say or show they’ve done something/anything to improve non-car methods of transportation, but then once that box is checked, they just forget about them as if they’ll miraculously clean/maintain themselves.  Infrastructure needs regular maintenance.  Period.  

Yes, Almost every bike "lane" in this city is almost un ridable. In a group ride the other night tires were flatted from debris on the sides of the road. Not to mention that the few "protected" bike lanes have almost completely been destroyed. On the Plaza it seems that neighbors have taken out some of the bike barrier planters and moved them into the grass. I have yet to see the city maintain any of the bike infrastructure. 

I will also note the cross walks were repaved and back to normal. Missed opportunity. 


On 6/19/2021 at 7:17 AM, SpiritOf76 said:

W t h ?!


That is a giant missed opportunity. 

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Oh joy. The second of the kind in the hood. 

I will say, I believe this was done (preservation of the original home) only after neighborhood outcry over the planned demolition of the house. 

So kudos. 

You can round the corner and bear witness to what has become of the Cramer Estate. 

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