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Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)


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36 minutes ago, kermit said:

The only thing demolition fencing secures is liability insurance…

Well, yes, that's part of it.  If someone goes on to the property to forage and gets injured and there's no fencing up to keep people out, then the developer is liable.  But the few developer reps that I've spoken with have no intention of their fenced-off properties and associated assets (including those set for demolition) being scrounged for scraps.  Pre-fencing, some may invite people to scrounge.  But I'm sure you all have more authoritative sample sizes.

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38 minutes ago, rancenc said:

From October's edition of Business NC Magazine!


Thanks for the link.  Interesting move to start things out with an office building.  Wasn't expecting that - thought for sure the residential would go first or at least concomitantly.

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2 hours ago, SpiritOf76 said:

Police tower on site 


Curious - do those actually do anything?  I think they're supposed to be deterrents, but they had those downtown on Graham St. not too long ago to curb speeding and racing Challengers, Chargers, etc. and it literally had zero effect.  Then they just took it away.   I feel like the public called that bluff a long time ago.  If they have cameras inside them, I wonder what they do with the footage because we saw no appreciable difference.  But, I fully claim ignorance on what functions they actually perform.

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