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Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)


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On 12/4/2021 at 3:29 PM, SpiritOf76 said:




"Bitter, table for one."  Commence rant.  Because maximizing the use of under-utilized land in a city where more people could have more access to more jobs and services....is a bad thing.  They would rather nothing change.  Or, haven't figured out that there's a finite amount of development.  It's either here or a cornfield in the middle of nowhere completely inaccessible to anyone without a car; oops, I guess climate changes isn't really that big an issue.  It's more important to save the slums (not suggesting this location is in the slums) because someone's feelings will be hurt or, worst of all...someone might make a profit (gasp!).

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What’s interesting to me is how some people will extend a place’s name to its surrounding area. Like NoDa for example which is rather more expansive as compared to PM’s generalization. Granted NoDa refers to North Davidson and therefore you could say anything north of first ward along N. Davidson St. up to Sugar Creek Rd. Is NoDa. Plaza Midwood on the other hand is a different story. Although this development by Crosland isn’t *actually* in PM (it’s in the commonwealth neighborhood), they refer to it as changing the “PM neighborhood”, but frankly it’s outside of historic area and the actual neighborhood itself. It’s truly an interesting thing especially when some of those who complain put emphasis on the *neighborhood it’s in* should have input. I’ve heard overwhelmingly more things from PM (and people who don’t even live there) than from commonwealth. I just thought I should point that out as a lot of people talk about other neighborhoods like Optimist Park being referred to as and the naming of developments there as NoDa or having NoDa in the name. Which frankly makes more sense given what I stated in the beginning…versus PM’s dilemma. Anyways (end rant).

I would like to note that it’s very sad when local and small business owners get pushed out over other tenants that have been there for decades and years. I would also like to note that those people didn’t always exist there, and that people will always come and go. It’s a fact of life as the video narrator said, “… the only constant is change.” And personally I think that’s okay. Neighborhoods are living areas people give life to and they form and are shaped by those who live and move there andddd (end *slightly smaller* rant 2.0).

The only thing I hope for PM is that it remains a thriving place with lots activity.

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small edit, I hope our city starts to consider "thriving" as flourishing with pedestrian access and activity
One other key distinction in the video, one small business merchant owned his space and held his ground and had to be built around.  The other owner small business merchant leased her space and is boxing up and being forced out.  I wish there were a way for small and local business owners to own their commercial spaces...perhaps even to own their spaces and to live above or behind them.  All the more reason to "liberalize" our zoning laws...to allow a range of uses and avenues for people pursuing livelihood.  The UDO is a livelihood issue.

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