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Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)

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Just looking at the aerials and realizing how much  opportunity  for a truly dense "neighborhood/downtown/entertainment" district their is being wasted. I know we still need parking because transit he

Mural on the side of The Nook apartments finally going in (Mat Moore)  

Steel going vertical around the post office Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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^Joe Hooper's is directly across Central from the Thirsty Beaver. I heard the operation is a "Whiskey Warehouse 2", much like the Peculiar Rabbit is actually a second Jackolope's. But just as those two "Jack's" are different, these two "Whiskey's" will be, too. If anything, the two "Whiskey's" will be more like Soul and Diamond, which have the same owner, but completely different vibes.

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I popped into Volume at the old camera shop location. It is actually a very cool decor and they had a good dj, too. It was still very sparse in crowds, but it was worth checking out.

I also notice that the Edison is all the way up in framing.

Is The Nook the one going up next to the DQ? I don't remember hearing about that and das göög does not return anything.

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Decided to take a stroll through the hood to let you all see the new happenings. I didn't go too close to The Nook, not much to see. There is a lot of masonry work being done that comes pretty close to Central Ave. Also threw in a few shots of the streetscape work done by the City.




Common Market Patio (HUGE Improvement!)


Decorative Crosswalks


Diamon Patio


The Edison




The Peculiar Rabbit


The Nook in the Distance


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Elevator shaft is up for the Nook Apartments.

Anyone think the central avenue shopping center anchored by Family Dollar will be redeveloped anytime soon? Howbout the Sherwin Williams paint store??

I don't see Sherwin Williams being redeveloped.

I would love for the shopping center to be torn down. I wish the stores were street facing with parking in the back. I don't see it happening anytime soon.

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I actually wish they would just build a grid of real streets fronting the Bistro le Bon shopping center and then buildings and a parking deck on the current parking lot land.  It could connect somewhat to Commonwealth.  


With a new facade, it would be ok to keep the buildings.  

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Dubone, that is an awesome idea.  Flat out awesome.  I like all the buildings in that little plaza and if they did just grid that bad boy, it'd be super inviting.  There are some businesses near the back of that plaza that would absolutely welcome it as well.

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I had that same idea and didn't know if it would be feasible. But yes I think that the result of re-orienting that shopping center would be much more interesting than what we'd get from a blank slate if the whole thing were demolished. It seems like a no-brainer to reconnect Sunnyside to Pecan at least. 

A little wonky but something like this maybe? http://goo.gl/maps/DK6CT

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Good work!  It seems like that could work.  There would be two more railroad crossings but that would be ok.  Plus it may divert some traffic off of Central.  


My other wish would be to convert Kelly Tire? into a restaurant or shop.  It's sort of an eyesore on Central and it is in a prime location.  

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Exactly, nonillogical, what I envisioned, although I figured only one railroad bridge/crossing on Sunnyside.   I would also figure the streets would be tightly up against the buildings like the current parking lot roads.  


I know the owner of this sees it as a cashcow investment and is not looking for much in the way of altruistic or growth development, but I think they would be pleasantly surprised with the results of having Clement Ave front the main strip mall making it more urban, and having storefronts on Central to continue the contiguous retail, and then add some decks and residential properties.    I think with a grid, the land would be more valuable and enable denser development.



On another subject of something more likely, I wonder when they are going to complete the fencing on the Common Mkt front patio and put some chair and tables out there.  I cannot wait for that, as the back alley gets very crowded and when I happen to go with my friends, a less smoky, enclosed atmosphere would be better.   I suppose they are not in a hurry to do it during winter, but with patio warmers, and mild [global warming] winter days, it would probably still have some crowds certain days.   I think with that and the patio at the Diamond, it will be a much more lively street like Gordon is now becoming with Snug Harbor's front patio and now Peculiar Rabbit's.

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I was wondering about the fencing too.  I wonder if it has something to do with city permits.  I talked to the owners of Volume lounge one night and it took them forever to be able to light up the sign on Commonwealth due to permits.  It's just a guess though.

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