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Retail in Richmond


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4 hours ago, majors2410 said:

Build an urban target downtown where the Charles store was with residential above. We need retail in the main commercial area of downtown.

If we build up a greater critical mass of actual downtown residential population, that could actually work. Right now, I don't see Target going there given the current limited demographic figures. Headcount matters.

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3 hours ago, skinsfan said:

There’s also a Target a few miles down at Broad and Libbie. 

Even given the proximity - if we build a sufficient critical mass of downtown residential population to support national name/chain retailers - I'm thinking an actual downtown location would do well regardless of the location farther along up Broad.

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2 hours ago, Richmonopoly said:

Any word on whether or not the Dollar Store on Broad near VCU is set to reopen?

 I see the other retail that was set ablaze has reopened.  I’m wondering will The Dollar Tree reopen in The Opus? 

Nothing had occurred with Dollar Tree's space so I think they just left the location, with Foot Locker replacing it.

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Not a big surprise that Saks has closed off its upstairs floor. I think it's positive that they're staying instead of closing completely. As the new owners reposition Stony Point, there's super potential for dense infill residential while keeping a condensed and reduced retail row with a mix of luxury (Saks, Tiffany, etc.), restaurants, and more local-serving retail for residents. The Dick's spot is ripe for residential. It would also be great to add ingress/egress to Huguenot and Cherokee, but I suspect NIMBYs would oppose that. 

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