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Fisher Park


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Thanks, it's also fun to walk through too! Lots of people eat lunch in the park when it's nice outside, and there are also lots of doggie walks at all times of the day.


I had the chance to walk around the neighborhood today. It is so beautiful in the springtime. And I love the view of downtown you get from the Elm St area of the neighborhood.

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Oh how beautiful! Thank you for the pictures. We are considering moving to Greensboro next year and anything you can tell me about it from a personal view (what it's like to live there, climate, your favorite restaurants/stores/hangouts, etc.) would be greatly appreciated!

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greensboro is a great place for families. i miss it already! i just moved to the boston area of massachusetts this past week. there are several older neighborhoods that are nice and quiet and that have nice mature trees and nice yards.

there are also several good restaurants in greensboro. my favorite restaurant is an italian place called napoli. it's on state street, which is a neat street full of cute little stores.

greensboro's downtown is going through a revitalization and there are more things to do downtown every week. there is a new minor league baseball stadium downtown that has drawn lively crowds since it opened. there is also new residential development going on downtown.

the places that you may want to look at will depend on how much money you want to spend and what type of neighborhood you would like to live in. if you give me some more information on what you're looking for, i may be able to help you out!

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