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Cranes, cranes, and more cranes

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I'm pleased to announce the implementation of Phase I of our new Projects & Construction thread.

In the you'll find a list of current projects in development throughout South Florida, as well as some that are completed. We will be tracking projects that relate to the urban form, whether it be the next tallest building, a new transit line or highway, or a stormwater drainage project. The list is far from complete, and our editing team's goal is to continue expanding it with more data and keep it updated as new information becomes available. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and constructive comments/suggestions are welcome.

If you are looking for something in particular, we have introduced a new P&C concept: the .&do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent> Here you will find a directory of all the projects we are following, categorized and sorted in varying ways. Feel free to browse through the P&C thread, and if you wish to find something specific, we hope you'll find the Index to be a very powerful tool.

In case you missed them, here are the links again:

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Damn man,i love this information.I clicked on South Florida Projects & Construction Index and i found a lot of desirable info.

You guys are "geniuses" for thinking of this.This is better than my idea of building diagrams.

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WOOT! "Project X" has now commensed! I'm working on alot of West Palm stuff, and I hope to post that soon. But Aessotariq was seriously the brains of this massive undertaking.

Good Job!

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South Florida P&C has reached an important milestone. With nearly one full month online, there are now 100 listings from throughout South Florida. In the past two weeks alone, over 50 entries were added, and even more existing threads were updated with renderings. Please stay tuned as P&C continues to grow and expand its coverage.

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Now that the City of Miami has released its latest development report, here are some of the updates to certain projects, sorted by height and/or number of floors, where possible. Only new or changed information is reported.

Metropolitan Miami project: 1,127 residential/400 hotel units, 678,230 sf. ofc.(+), 156,301 sf. retail(-) (was 1500 res., 9,000 sf. ofc., 159,061 sf. ret.)

Infinity 2 589 units(-), 21,450 sf. ofc.(-), 11,568 sf. retail(-) (was 645 units, 41,800 sf. ofc., 10,558 sf. retail)

SMA (Capital at Brickell), 56 sty.(-), 649 ft.(-), 832 units(-), 108,543 sf. office(-), 47,853 sf. retail(-) (was 57 sty., 805 ft., 862 units, 125,792 sf. ofc., 62,165 sf. retail)

Villa Magna 53 sty.(+), 583 ft.(+) (was 52 sty., 574 ft.)

1450 Brickell (Park Place/One Broadway Phase II Office building) 527 ft.(-), 508,900 sf. ofc.(-), 10,980 retail(-) (was 540 ft., 524,299 sf. ofc., 62,165 sf. retail)

One Miami 46 sty.(+), 23,666 sf. ofc.(-), 12,682 sf. retail(-) (was 45 sty., 24,000 sf. ofc, 17,000 sf. ret.)

1390 Brickell Bay 364 units(-) (was 374)

Blue 35 sty., 336 ft., 358 units NEW INFO

Hurricane Cove, 27 stories, 308 ft NEW INFO

Onyx on the Bay 27 sty., 308 ft., NEW INFO

Rosabella 27 sty., 321 ft., NEW INFO

Royal Atlantic, 27 sty., 279 ft. NEW INFO

Terrazas River Park Village (Terrazas de Miami River 27 sty., 270 ft. NEW INFO

Platinum Condo 21 sty., 225 ft. NEW INFO

River Oaks 21 sty.(+), 218 ft.(+) (was 20 sty., 200 ft.)

Blue on Coral Way, 20 sty., 216 feet, 190 units NEW INFO

North RiverView, 126 ft(+), 98 units(-) , 4800 sf retail(+) (was 109 ft, 102 units, 1785 sf. retail)

Miami River Rapids 2,498 units(+), 40,922 sf. retail(+) (was 2,252 units, 38,960 sf. retail)

Villa Patricia 575 sf. ofc., 2140 sf. retail NEW INFO

Keystone Park 16 sty., 154 ft., 318 units, NEW INFO, 47,090 sf. ofc.(+), 14,105 sf. retail(-) (was 9500 sf. ofc., 14,128 sf. ret.)

Tower Twenty-Seven, 14 sty., 174 ft. NEW INFO

The Roads at 18, 14 sty.(-), 150 ft.(-), 87 units(-) (was 19 sty., 194 ft., 126 units)

Seven 7 18 sty., 220 ft., NEW INFO, 84 units(-), 5127 sf. retail(-) (was 100 units, 8580 sf. retail)

Villa Amalia, 388 units(-) (reduced from 424)

5301/5501 Biscayne 11,994 sf. ofc.(-) (was 18,783 sf.)

Villagio in the Grove 8 sty., 74 ft. NEW INFO

Hiawatha Village 7 sty.(+), 94 ft.(+), 36 units(+) (was 6 sty., 67 ft., 24 units)

Grove Garden (Taurus) 5 sty., 50 ft., NEW INFO

South Twenty-Seven Lofts (Grove Lofts) 5 sty. NEW INFO



Luxor Condominium, (+)now U/C

Midtown Lofts, (+)now U/C

ICE and ICE2, (-)downgraded from U/C to "Approved" (ICE 1 has effectively been cancelled despite still having approval for construction)

Lyghte, (+)now Approved

Platinum on the Bay, (+)now Approved

Vista, (+)now Approved

Portico, (+)now Application stage (up from Preliminary)

Miami Riverhouse CANCELLED



In addition to these changes to existing projects, there are 25 new projects in Preliminary stages, including several transit-oriented developments, and a 62- and 55-story building. More to follow.

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If everything is built that is listed, Miami will be the new high rise city of the southeast. You want be able to see the sun for cranes. Miami is building more highrises than all the other southeast cities put together.

Where is all the money coming from? It has to be in the billions.

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