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THE Orlando Photo Thread

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You know, our Orlando Photo Thread doesnt have to always be something downtown. We have plenty of neighorhoods and lakes that could be photoed to show that Orlando has soomwthing eveywherel College Park, Delaney Park, Colonialtown, Thornton Park, Parramore, Winter Garden, Kissimee's downtown, the malls and lkifestyle centers, UCF, the new 408, anything, etc.!! Show we are a real city (Uptown Altamonte and our beautiful streets and boulevard; Let he people see more than Mickey Mouse!! Let them see a beautiful place to live!


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Here is a new angle for you.  This is the demo of a building at the ORMC campus making way for a new orthopedic tower.

I've loved this tree since I was a kid. (29) Just thought this was cool. 

Sunrise and a bit of crane

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Just random pics...




Great pics sunshine! I know I haven't taken or posted any pictures as of yet, but looking at some other cities photo threads, some Millenia pics would be a good addition, even some of the stuff on Sand Lake and some tasteful I-Drive. A downtown pic from the top of the Peabody maybe? I've always liked separating real Orlando from tourist Orlando, but things are pretty much conjoined, maybe we can show a little more respect to that Orlando, Pointe Orlando, etc. Just thinking...

I-4 is really shaping up into a huge highway down there with all those new interchanges. And now all of a sudden the Turnpike has turned in to an intergral part of our expressway system. Orlando used to just be "Next 3 Exits" on the TPK and seemed very far away. Now the TPK is more like in South Florida. They really should build that interchange with the 417 and add a couple more exits, maybe Dillard St. in Winter Garden and John Young Pkwy.

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I've seen it done in some construction projects in the Northeast. Not sure but it may be because it is steel construction and would need to build around it.

I was thinking the same thing re: steel construction, but there's a reinforced concrete column over on the other side, so it looks like it may be all poured concrete.

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......I live a couple blocks away.....

I've always felt that I'd like to live in that area myself. Especially to the west of Orange, back there off of Dade Avenue.

I don't know why, it's not especially pretty & many of those old homes next to I-4 are probably going to be demolished someday for the widening, but everytime I drive thru there I think that it would be kinda neat to have one of those little places.

My truck broke down at the corner of Dade & Smith on the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend & I had to call a tow truck.

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First Methodist has pictures on its facebook page of the demolition. There is also an interesting video on youtube. But you need to remeber the church is not being torn down. The PAC is going on the south side of South Street. The Church is building a bigger multi use building on the Jackson Street Block.






Rendering of the new Building


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