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NYC To Recognize Gay Marriages

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NYC To Recognize Gay Marriages

by Doug Windsor New York Bureau

Posted: April 7, 2005 5:01 pm ET

(New York City) New York City will recognize same-sex marriages and civil unions - but only if they were performed outside the state in areas where they are already legal.

The announcement was made by Mayor Michael Bloomberg's special counsel, Anthony W. Crowell and comes two months after the mayor appealed a ruling by a New York City judge that denying marriage to gay and lesbian couples violated the state constitution. (story)

While the appeal works its way through New York's appeal process, the Mayor's decision to recognize the marriages of New Yorkers who went out of state to marry or form civil unions was welcomed by LGBT civil rights activists.

"We applaud Mayor Bloomberg for taking a step in the right direction and working to ensure that same-sex couples who live in New York City and have been married in Canada, Massachusetts and other places are now as legally married as a couple who got a license at City Hall,

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