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Just out of curiosity (check the NC Radio Talk forum too!) but how do you all feel about South Carolina FM/AM radio. How do the radio stations in your town/city affair? good/bad? Should there be improvement? Should the signal strength be increased. Vent out on how you feel about South Carolina Radio.


Heres my breakdown:

Myrtle Beach:

It has soso radio and does not share a large market. Mix 97.7 (and 103X) had I THOUGHT the best morning DJ's.. Booger and Yvvone. I remember listenign to them like it was the bible during HS. So much real life drama they talk about, i remember when Booger didnt show up for work and made it like the big morning show topic. I was listening to 103.3 usually but id get interference from 103.3 either in Danville, Virginia or out in little Washington, NC so 97.7 was sometimes a back up to get up here in Pinehurst in the mornings! Otherwise, i dont know much to say about MB radio, i think Mix 97.7 could use some improvement format wise.


In my opinion has teh best radio overall in the state. 95SX i think was better years ago since now it plays very selective music and not so much variety. 96.1 is a pretty good rock station. Most of the stations you can get most of SC east of I-95 on good days.


The top 40 station WNOK 104.7 is soso and gets a big interference problem from Colas neighbor to the north, K104.7 which takes over basically north and north east of Cola very good. I liked the BIG DM 101.3 a lot, yea its too much R&B (not crazy about it) but when its not, its a pretty decent station. Cola radio generally speaking is allright, i cant comment much about it. I would get only one Cola station up in Pinehurst occasionally: 97.5 or 101.3 (and thats if theres no bleed from WRAL FM 101.5 up in Raleigh)


Interesting radio market that you can get some stations VERY clear up in Pinehurst or none at all. Some of the transmitters are in Dillon County (92.9 for instance). 103X could use A LOT OF improvement format wise but has pretty decent DJ's. Im not a country music listener but many people up in Moore County and the border belt counties of NC from memory are always tuning in to eagle 92.9. The rap station 106. 3 is pretty decent, not good or bad. Its nearly impossible to get it up in Pinehurst though. Florence radio has a very local feel when listneing to radio from there.

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I know that in the Upstate we have awsome radio stations. Period. Almost any mix you want can be found- from bluegrass to jazz to new rock to classic rock to country to rap. We even get some stations out of Charlotte that enhance our selection- though this is more towards Spartanburg. Greenville doesn't get 95.1 for example. I like music on 93.3 and 96.7- and Charlotte's 104.7 (I think) its pretty awsome if I can pick it up. AM is great too. I listen to 950 on a semi regular basis when I am at home. (I like Ralph Bristol's show)

Here in Columbia, the seleciton sucks. The stations that have what I like never play anything good. There are like 5 rap and country stations and not much else. I like hard rock/heavy metal. Sometime country, but I have to be in the right mood for it. Columbia just doesn't offer what I want. Their top 40 station isnt that great either. I make excellent use of my CD player here. As for AM- WVOC is pretty awsome. A good line up. They have Mayor Coble and local senators/officials and even our US delegation on from time to time to chat. Its nice. Its also easier to focus on local events since everything basicly happens in and around Columbia.

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Here is a list of radio stations in Charleston and what they normally play. I wrote this up for a friend awhile back. It's a pretty saturated area but I would love to see some Gothic and Techno stations here. And as far as signal strength it varies greatly some stations can only be heard in the immediate metro area while others can be heard all the way out to I-95 and beyond.

There are a few AM stations that I listen to for the talk shows, other then that I don't know much about the AM situation.

Charleston, SC radio broadcast stations:

88.5 - WFCH - religious

89.3 - WSCI - public radio, NPR

90.3 - WCOC - College of Charleston radio

90.7 - WYFH - religious

91.5 - WKCL - religious

92.5 - WCSQ - 80's, 90's and today

93.3 - WWWZ - hip hop, r&b

94.3 - WSCC - news/talk

95.1 - WSSX - contemporary rock, top 40

96.1 - WAVF - alternative rock

96.9 - WSUY - soft rock

98.1 - WYBB - rock, metal

98.9 - WAZS - spanish

99.7 - WXST - adult urban contemporary

100.5 - WALC - contemporary rock

100.9 - WPAL - adult urban, r&b, reggae

101.7 - WMGL - adult urban, r&b

102.5 - WXLY - oldies

103.5 - WEZL - country

104.5 - WRFQ - classic rock

105.5 - WCOO - classic hits

106.3 - WJNI - gospel

107.5 - WNKT - country

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MikesLogic, that was a fantastic listing of Charleston's radio stations. I do think my hometown has the best selection of radio stations in this state. It has a large variety, and the stations tend to play some songs that other stations here in Cola won't play. As far as range, you can pick up Sunny 96.9 even in Florence! I love the fact that Charleston as an FM station for talk radio. They've been trying to find a niche for 94.3 for a long time.

I'm a big classic rock fan, and Cola's classic rock 102 station sucks. I have to agree with Spartan, Cola does not offer much as far as radio. I have basically the same music tastes: mostly rock, but I do like country from time to time. Cola does have plenty of country stations, but not enough for soft rock, 80's-today hits, and classic rock. I also use my CD player quite a bit around here. :) I do have a nomination for 560 WVOC as having some of the best talk radio...a good local talk show as well as the best variety of the nationally syndicated shows.

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Well in defense of poor ol Columbia ;) . I happen to like the radio stations there, and think the city has some of the best in the state. I like traditional rap music and neo-soul, that's basically what I listen to when I'm in Columbia. I like the fact that the Columbia market has more than one urban station to tune into, so that's why I think the Columbia stations are good. Florence has good stations as well especially for being the size that it is I didn't expect that. Myrtle Beach also has good stations although alot of there stations tend to play pop/rap that you hear all the time on the radio anyway.

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I also will speak in defense of Columbia when it comes to Gospel radio stations (since that's one of my favorites genres). 95.3 is one of the best Gospel stations in the nation from what I've heard, and they also have branches in Sumter and Orangeburg. The signals aren't that strong, though. But still, it'll beat Charlotte's 100.9 anyday.

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Living & wokring in Greenville, well Greer actually, suprisingly 3 of my 4 favorite stations are new to the market. Not new stations, but near the the Greenville Market.

I listen most to 1330/950 AM WORD/ WYRD (it is not one of the new to market stations)

the rest are

104.9 FM Clemson - Sports, New tower hight means they reach Greer and they also carry Atlanta Braves games which is good cuase 1400 AM has horrible night time reception.

88.7 FM WNCW Gardner Web - College station from Isothermal Polytechnical College in NC. Just got a translor tower in Greenville.

88.3 FM Gardner Webb - AAA/ College station from Boiling Springs, NC. Just started to come in perfectly clear in Greenville a recently. over 30,000 watts

Also, love 88.1 FM Clemson, but i am biased, I was a DJ and News Director there in college. Only 3000 watts so really only reaches as far as Easley, SC then only on Clear days.

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