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Smoketree Tower in Raleigh

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I wanted to take my new camera out for a test drive, and some drama went down en route, but I managed to get some stuff done. I'm still getting used to it and I am slowly feeling more comfortable. I took many of the pictures in manual mode because I'm old fashioned like that, plus the automatic mode on most cameras is lousy. :lol: This one is alright in auto mode, but it still isn't perfect. My technique is also far from perfect right now :)

Smoketree tower is an 11 story "high rise" in the Highwoods office park of North Raleigh. It is a rather large office park, filled with 3-6 story office buildings as well as couple tall ones which comprise a miniature skyline lining the shoulder of the I-440 Beltline.

One of the cool features of this park is the preservation of trees. I didn't get many ground level pictures, but the Highwoods park is absolutely slammed with pine trees--it is like the forest moon of Endor (see Return of the Jedi) in there. It's as though the developers cut down just enough to make space for the buildings and their relatively small parking lots.

This park will be served by what is now TTA Regional Rail phase II, and there is a crapload of undeveloped space all around the office park and the train tracks. I forsee some great development down the road.

Here we begin our journey. These two pictures were taken in Cary on Tryon Rd whilst riding in my brother's car to Leith Audi. Why was I going to Leith Audi? Well... I was greeted to a flat tire on my car that morning, so I had to go down to my old shop (I used to be a tech at Leith Audi) and use some of the tire equipment.

Here is the gateway to Regency Park (an office park and high end neighborhood), straight ahead. The building pictured will be accompanied by a 150 foot "high rise" located next door to the left. Though not a skyscraper, it will certainly have an impact as the setback is only planned to be like 30 feet I believe.


Hey look, Cary has a pink building too!


But anyway, here we are en route to Smoketree Tower. I took this picture because the signage was never changed to reflect I-440 back in the early 90s... Still says "US1 Cliff Benson Beltline"


New pedestrian walkway across the I-440 Beltline


Here is a larger closer image... still inside the car moving 65mph though.

Getting closer



Closer still... driving through the office park


Lots of glass around here... and trees!





From the 7th floor



A neighboring "skyline" component from the 7th floor of Smoketree


Downtown Raleigh!




Buildings to the east, don't know what they are


WakeMed "skyline" with the I-440 Beltline in the foreground (Yonkers Rd exit)


Took this from the parking lot... I thought it was sort of cool looking


And driving back... Took this on the old freeway portion of Capital Blvd as it terminates into downtown


Hope you all enjoyed in spite of all the car pictures and the haze in the air :)

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Cool pics!

I think we have a winner for "best Raleigh skyline angle after Quorum and Reynolds"

I believe that the buildings to the east are a factory off of poole rd, Ajinomoto maybe?

Its really cool to actually see that area up close; I've driven by it a million times, but never seen any of those midrises from ground level.

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Nice pics. Thats a nice slightly different angle of downtown I havent seen. Do you work there?

I keep wondering when the ped bridge over 440 will open.

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Really nice photos, I like what you captured there. And its impressive you did these in a moving car and on manual too. I like the brick courtyard on that building.

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Thanks guys! Aside from the tire repair early on, I had a lot of fun :lol: I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

Flash, the company I work for actually has offices in that building on the 10th floor, but none of the ones I could access had any good views. However a friend of mine works on the 7th floor as an engineer for a major media company, and that's how I got access. Unfortunately the 11th floor would've been really hard to access because that is where Highwoods Properties has their headquarters.

My friend who works in that building often has to go on the roof to adjust some equipment, and next time he will try to get some shots from up there. He took some photos from the roof a while back during a big snow storm, and he has yet to find which server he put them on. :lol: They are great photos because the tree line is all fluffy white, like clouds, and the skyline pops up through it. It's a really unusual shot for sure. :D

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Nice pics... it brings back memories... Early last year I started an advertising company up there and we were for a short time working with tta and rta to do and promote their interior adveriting space to local business... Great office park...

Thanks for the tour

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