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Symphony Center Details

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Schermerhorn Symphony Hall, Nashville. The $93 million symphony building under construction in downtown Nashville doesn't have room to spare, so contractors have to use a nearby lot and a rented warehouse for storage, said John Madole, senior project manager at the site for American Constructors of Nashville.

The contract calls for building construction, landscaping and systems such as theatrical rigging, audio and video, he added.

The 197,000-sq.-ft.building, with four stories, will have 1,900 seats.

Approaching the halfway point, Madole said the big challenges would come later. The neo-classical style building will have "high-end finishes" such as $11.5 million of exterior limestone and interior marble, $4 million in millwork, $3.5 million in ornamental metals, $1 million in exotic hardwood floors, $1 million in custom chandeliers and $1 million in other lighting.

While most of the building is being constructed by local businesses, out-of-state firms have about 25 percent of the job for stonework, millwork and theatrical systems.

The project will be completed by July 2006.

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$93 million. Hmmph. I believe the figure mostly tossed around for the building is $120 million. It's going to be amazing no matter who foots the bill or how much. Since they're actually placing some of the exterior stone now, I'm getting awed by the palatial nature of the structure emerging.

For a good look, link here. The models and photos are great. Check this out.

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