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Moving to TN....suburb or urban?


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I live in Hendersonville, and I must say that I really enjoy being in this town. For one thing, the lake is extremely nice and can be easily relaxed by the number of parks around here- Sanders Ferry, Moss Wright. The lake is also nicely used for fishing tournaments and during the summer- I see people on their boats and Jet Ski's all of the time. I've lived in Hendersonville for a long time now, and I'm really getting excited about the new retail developments happening in town (our Wal-Mart is being upgraded to a Super Wal-Mart) and that entire area near Township Drive- the Kohls area, really bringing in some different retail, and now near the Lowes they are building up that area- the Wal-Mart and the Home Depot and finally a really restaraunt in town (Demos). That's another plus about Hendersonville is the food- we're getting more and more restaraunts and we're also right in between Gallatin and the Rivergate area- both of which have excellent places to eat. The Hendersonville schools have also been a good experience for my family- we've really appreciated them. Hendersonville High School is a really good school with all kinds of chances for children there- it has pretty strong academic and athletic programs. I know the Golden Girls dance team goes on a lot of competitions. Hendersonville also has a pretty active city league sports program- baseball, soccer, and football. And Hendersonville also has of course some pretty rural areas still- go to different parts of town and see a lot of cattle- and it has the richer parts of town- down the Indian Lake peninsula for example- that area has some of the nicest homes. It's where Reba Mcintyre has a house. The commute isn't really that bad either.

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