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Pittsburgh's USW becomes continents largest union.

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The USW long the dominant union throughout the great lakes and Ohio Valley (the UAW being its only similar sized counterpart), has announced a merger with Nashville based PACE union, vaulting the USW back to the title of North America's largest labor union. The Nashville office might be closed in as soon as a decade, and the USW leadership will remain intact while PACE's will get a seat at the table.

Quick trivia: the USW tower which is a 20 or 25 floor skyscraper in Pittsburgh was used by the local paper union as a command center during the 1991 strike that broke the old Pittsburgh Press Newspaper (leaving Pittsburgh with only the Post-Gazette and Richard Mellon Scaife's/Christopher Ruddy's Tribune-Review). The old Pittsburgh Press building was just a block down the street from the USW tower.


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