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NEW Greensboro Photo Tour!


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I went out and took some photos early this morning. I took photos of the stadium site, the multi-modal hub and the emerging Southside downtown townhomes.

Here are the stadium site photos.


The green building is the stadium maintenance facility.




This is the current Department of Social Services building. The new one is almost complete. This building will be demolished to make way for the ballpark. As you can see, the street has been permantly closed.


In this photo I'm standing near what will become left field.





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Its amazing to think that less than a year and a half from now, the landscape will be totally different with a stadium on that site. Once the DSS workers move into the new building which is almost complete, they'll be starting on demolishing of the old buildings, clear the site then grade the land.

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Cityboi, these are some great photos you took. Thanks for keeping us posted on the progress of DT Greensboro. Like you said, it will be interesting to see the landscape a year and a half from now. Hopefully you will be able to continue giving us updates, with great photos of the different stages of all revitalization projects in your area.

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THanks! Greensboro doesn't have a skyline as great as Charlotte but its pretty good. There seems to be one office tower planned to be built around 2006 which will likely house federal offices. I can't wait to see how tall it will be and what it will look like.

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