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NEW Greensboro Photo Tour!


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On the left you can see part of the multi modal transportation center. Straight ahead you can see a large apartment building that use to be an old textile mill around the turn of the century.


This is part of the old depot







You can see the Southside townhome development emerging on the far southside of downtown. The land between the multi-modal hub and Southside townhomes will become a mile long linear park parallel to the rail road tracks. It will be called "Rail Yard Park" and will have a mile long waterway with a promenade.





Here are the neo-traditional Southside townhomes.




Its begining to look like a small urban village. Many of these townhomes are live/work units. You can operate a business on the first floor and live on the upper floors. This hasn't been seen in downtown since the late 19th century!



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Thanks guys! :) Many of the older buildings are antique shops, restaturants, nightclubs, art galleries and yes there are some with lofts. Phase 3 of The Southside Neo-traditional project is beginning. Many of those townhomes are live work units. Residents can operate their businesses or company on the first floor and they live in the upper 2 floors. Downtown zoning laws had to change to make that possible. Some early 20th century homes nearby are being restored. The Southside downtown neighborhood is also currently developing single family homes that look like they were built in the early 20th century. Some of those homes will have rooftop terraces over looking Greensboro's skyline. The Southside Neighborhood will have its own community park as well. Southside is only a block away from downtown's emerging entertainment district on Elm Street.

Tocoto, check out my website at www.downtownstadium.org

The photo gallery section has more photos of historic architecture in downtown Greensboro.

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Cityboi: Let me say, first of all, that the development quality of Capitol Park is nowhere near Southside's, although PompeyJohnson made a good observation. Southside seems to be the kind of revitalization DT Greensboro needs, just like Capitol Park presents similar opportunities for DT Raleigh. There is a thead I started about Capitol Park; here it is:

Capitol Park

Both projects have a more urban focus, but Southside has a more elegant feel. I would say that the St Mary's Street townhomes (photos will follow in the nearest future) seem to have a closer functionality to Southside, but they sit outside DT Raleigh. To be frank, parts of Meadowmont Village resemble Southside closer. Take a look:







Sorry to bring up something non-Greensboro related, but I wanted to provide a closer look at the similarities that MAY exist between different projects. Honestly, I would like to see something like Southside in Raleigh; best candidates are Glenwood South, Hillsborough Street, St Mary's Street, Historic Oakwood, Blount Street and Bloodworth Street. The more I look Southside, the more I like it. Particularly, I love this shot:


It shows a more urban look for DT Greensboro and its surrounding neighborhoods.

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Cityboi: thanks for your comments... Capitol Park is a truly integrated development... no gated community crap, or even dead-ends. It complies with all urban guidelines, although it still lacks the retail component. Hopefully, this will follow, soon. Meadowmont Village (actually located in Chapel Hill) is a more upscale development, and much larger, too. It has density, mixed-use, and all the aspects of good urban planning, but I do not see it as well integrated to the rest of the city/town as Capitol Park is. This may be due to the landscape and location. Southside, on the other hand, looks both upscale and very well integrated with the rest of the city. I have a co-worker who lived in Greensboro for a while and I spoke to him about Southside. First chance I get I will forward him the links to your website and this thread. I would love to see more of Southside, if you get a chance to take more pics.

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Cityboi: I will be patient :) I know that this project is not only vital for the local economy and to the revitalization efforts of the city, but also an elegant project that needs time. Use your best judgement as to when the time will be right for an update. Can I use your pictures in my webpage, or if I wish to compile a "promotional" document? I am only a promoter, so there is no money to be made, so I am actually looking for freebies :) Personally, I will be more than happy to send you any of the pictures I've taken myself. The ones I posted are lower quality, but I do have the original ones; we are talking about great quality.

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Thanks, Cityboi. Currently I am redesigning my Raleigh MSA page (offline), and I would love to include a section with efforts to urbanize North Carolina, as well as skylines. Also, I may want to send emails/letters to the City Council, with examples of good development around this state, so I may use your pics for that reason, too. It is kind of difficult for me to visit Greensboro right now (hectic schedule), but I will gladly organize a photo shooting session of your city, with your guidance, of course :) Maybe PompeyJohnson would be interested, too. If we get an early start, we may even visit Winston-Salem.

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