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Who would have imagined that the largest hotel in Virginia would have been built half way between Petersburg and Hopewell?


Thanks to the US Army, the 1,000-room FORT LEE LODGE opened in December on the military post.  It is 7-stories high and has miles of hallways.


This story from today's Richmond Biz Sense doesn't reveal whether or not civies can book rooms.  Nor does it mention dining facilities and bars.



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Virginia State University (VSU) near Petersburg/Colonial Heights is quite the construction site these days.


They have a new 165,000 sq. ft., $84 million arena ("multipurpose center" is the term they prefer) that will break ground soon near Third & Watson Street, that will be a kickstarter for a mixed-use revitalization of Chesterfield Avenue, a college street of sorts that can probably be best compared to what VCU is doing on Grace St up here in the River City.




And just today, a 62-unit, 86,000 sq. ft. mixed use apartment building (that means retail on the bottom) was announced to be built on Chesterfield Avenue. A contractor is yet to be selected, and bids are going out now.



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In Petersburg they are finally starting on phase two of the seaward luggage redevelopment project. They tore down the old tanning buildings and are starting to empty out the main buildings.  Also on high street many houses are currently being renovated. 


Also a New York investor has bought and  is demolishing the old broadway motel for a future gateway project. 5a430e0a8c8dd_ScreenShot2017-12-26at10_04_39PM.thumb.png.dcc8a8d216789adfe2b2bac645e14818.png5a430e0423b51_ScreenShot2017-12-26at10_04_23PM.thumb.png.f9150f53cbd534728f3e138acc5c0edb.png


Update if the gateway hotel project on the other side of the street  does not get financed by January's city council meeting the council may put the building back on the market.


Meaning that Petersburg may not get it's gateway development project for many more years.  Hopefully C.A. Harrison Companies will get their financing together. 


Also work is wrapping up on the renovation of the historic court house in Petersburg, in case you were unaware it was about to fall down and the fire marshal  shut it down, luckily the city was able to save part of it. Hopefully more money will come into the city so that the interior can be saved.





Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 10.15.26 PM.pngThis is an older picture 


Petersburgs downtown area is also undergoing a lot of renovation next time I'm down there I will document it. 

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Great update on Petersburg!  Even if it’s not in Richmond proper, it is important that Petersburg does very well as it is the gateway to entering the Richmond metro area from the south.  I took I-95 north through Richmond yesterday coming home from Christmas vacation and I was disappointed to see that the gateway hotel project had not even started (I thought they had worked out the problems with that project, but I guess not).  It would be awesome to have a new or modernized structure there that says this area is changing for the better and is open for business! However, now it shows that Petersburg is still struggling.  Hope they can get the financing situation worked out.  That place is in desperate need of some help.  Keep us updated!

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I tried to reach Monroe properties for a comment. It's too bad the building was part of the historic district and was apart of the Seward trunk factory, they basically ran a monopoly on steam trunk fabrication for decades. The building was massive which is devistating to the urban fabric of high street. It was really cool the way This massive factory complex was situated amongst mansions and other beautiful homes, the whole street is a mixture of beautiful architecture. Petersburg has the most amount of original colonial residential structures still standing and this factory was a big part of the eclectic vibe of the area.

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Not looking good :(  At least it appears the most structurally intact portions are still standing as well as most of the lofts renovated across the street (though a lot lost).  The bridge is gone as well.







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It is devastating what occurred  looking at the aerial  view you can see they demolished a large part of the back part of the factory, which probably is a good thing but now they are going to tear down the water tower now.

But I attended the city council meeting and it appears that developers are still looking at investing into Petersburg. 


The Titmus Optical Building is going to be redeveloped into 202 apartments, this still has to be voted on by  council 2 more time. 


Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 6.48.07 PM.png



The complex is massive - 




The Perry Street Lofts are also going to be redeveloped into around 300 or 400 apartments. This also has to go before council again but both had large support. 



Petersburg Is also getting serous about it's rich black history and is preserving the Jarret House on Pocahontas Island which had the largest free black settlement in the USA. Almost all the original structures are gone.  











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Petersburg's gateway project is set to start in the next month, and no it's not the hotel project. 


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 6.42.57 PM.png



Also, Simms Hall at VSU is being renovated, it's the old silk mill building next to the bridge project that is set to be done in late 2019-2020 in the picture you can see it in the beige. Also, it's the only VSU project that is in Petersburg.  

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 6.43.36 PM.png



5a90ab4c9a51a_ScreenShot2018-02-23at7_00_43PM.png.c88bc7bfe1530da6237eaef6d7aaf3cc.png you can see Simms Hall in the picture.


Also, Demolition of the Broadway Hotel Started today which means that when you drive off the interstate a potential project may be springing up soon.5a90cab7ef0f0_ScreenShot2018-02-23at9_13_37PM.thumb.png.b7561b80bb90be74e8f44108e33a98fb.png



5a90cc5825546_ScreenShot2018-02-23at9_11_38PM.png.c5ca783f6523940a1e0920b0d2f6bda3.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.11.38 PM.png

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Work is progressing on the Cambria hotel they are starting to remediate the building of asbestos.

Also the city did not sell the titmus optical building, not all development is good development.

Also the old Petersburg Hotel was sold and is being turned into a boutique hotel.

More updates to come.  


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7 hours ago, RiverYuppy said:

I don't understand why they would want a parking deck that large.

I have a friend that lives in olde town that I visit a couple times a month.  Parking is never an issue.

Who do they plan on parking in it and for what? 

It is for their new Multi-Modal Transit Center, combining local busses, GRTC Express, and Greyhound.  I guess they are hoping that in the future there will be a lot of park and rides.

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