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Pedestrian Bridge over Beltline!


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In celebration of the bridge I went over to my brother's place in Carrboro and we biked all the way over to Raleigh this morning. It ended up being a 34 mile trip and took us about two hours (we don't have road bikes and we didn't push it too hard.) We also had to take a bit of a detour around a dam and over a floodgate because the bridge on Stagecoach Rd. was washed out. At any rate, there were a LOT of people there for the festivities. It'll be interesting to see how many people actually end up using this bridge on a regular basis. I know I'll make it a part of my daily running route. I live right off of Blue Ridge Rd. near the $1.50 theater, so a run to the Art Museum and back through Meredith is about 6 miles - a perfect distance.

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Some friends and I ventured out to the new bridge from the art museum late saturday night and it was spectacular. There is a gate on the Meredith side that was closed--sign said it's open sunrise to sunset... heh :whistling:

At any rate no pictures turned out because it is very dark up there at night. Headlights from the freeway barely illuminate anything up there. The architecture is very nice in person and the bridge is quite long from end to end.

We were discussing how illuminating the arches as well as the "lids" on four stone pillars would really make the bridge look stunning at night. I hope they end up doing something like this. I can't imagine doing so would cost much more than running a couple streetlights.

It was a lonely and hilly walk from the art museum, next time we're bringing the bikes! It was also a chilly walk thanks to that brisk 35 degree air :D

I was going to take some pictures of the art exhibits out there near the museum, but I wasn't sure if that was allowed, so I didn't. The large exhibit called Gyra is lit up at night and it looks absolutely breathtaking. :thumbsup: Of course it was actually the only one that was lit up at all, so no pictures would've turned out anyway.

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Here are some pics I took the Sunday following the opening. There were a ton of people using the greenway between the art museum and the bridge. :D

A view of the center span from the bridge


Looking North on the beltline


The Beltline looking South


The entrance from the Meredith college side


And finally on the trip home, traveling north on the Beltline


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