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PROPOSED: Fort Lauderdale Hyde Park site


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Developer: The Related Group

Location: Downtown Fort Lauderdale (Las Olas Blvd at Federal Highway Tunnel)

Tower Components:

- 42 stories

- 460ft tall

- 272 condo units, prices starting at $400k

- 6 floor 409 space parking garage

link to Sun-Sentinel article written by Brittany Wallman


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Developer: The Related Group

Location: Downtown Fort Lauderdale (Las Olas Blvd at Federal Highway Tunnel)

Tower Components:

- 42 stories

- 460ft tall

- 272 condo units, prices starting at $400k

- 6 floor 409 space parking garage

link to Sun-Sentinel article written by Brittany Wallman



Amazing news...and the beat goes on!

Just left Ft. Liquordale last August and it just hasn't stopped....that is, the construction boom. Someone said they need more towers to compete with Miami; don't worry, this is coming. They have no choice but to continue building towards the sky in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. West towards the everglades is packed over built.

When they go over 500 feet, then everything else, skyscraper-wise downtown to be built will also move into the upper leagues, that is 500 to 1,000 feet. Look for construction to start shifting, because of over-use and fill-up of current downtown land to north of Broward Boulevard, razing over the old commercial district and housing neighborhoods in that area.

They cannot go too far South because of the airport and zoning restrictions.


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Wow ! Doesn't look like they've made much progress.


sorry to bust your bubble but isn't this supposed to be the new tallest

48 story condo

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Address: 111 E Broward Blvd.

Floors: 48

Year (start): early fall 2005

Award Date: 11/01/05

Job Status: Proposed

Emporis Link: http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/bu/?id=230722

Developer: Groupe Pacific


Additional Info

500 units sought for parcel next to U.S. courthouse in Fort Lauderdale

By: Terry Sheridan

Miami condominium developer Groupe Pacific plans to make its first foray into Fort Lauderdale with a 40-story tower on East Broward Boulevard.


Other developers share his faith. Perhaps that's best illustrated by Aventura-based Groupe Pacific's acquisition in November of 1.25 acres on the west side of the U.S. courthouse on Broward Boulevard. It wants to erect a 481-unit condo tower in the range of 30 stories. Groupe Pacific paid $10.5 million for the land, about three times previous sales prices in recent years.

''It is really a prime piece of property,'' said Alan

David, vice president of Groupe Pacific. ``It's right

in the heart of the downtown area.''



Broward GP, LLC/Groupe Pacific has submitted plans to

the City Development Review Committee for a 48 story

mixed use tower at 111 E Broward Blvd. Plans call for

354 units, 4500 sq ft of retail, 3000 sq ft of

commercial and 43,000 sq feet of office space.


If approved, new condo tower would be tallest in


By Jean-Paul Renaud

and Brittany Wallman Staff WriterS

Posted March 16 2005

Fort Lauderdale -- Plans have entered City Hall for a

soaring 48-story residential skyscraper that would

rise above every other building in Broward County.

If approved, the 514-foot structure would be 9 feet

taller than the county's current record holder, the

still unfinished 505-foot, 52-story Beach Club Tower 2

in Hallandale Beach. The proposed downtown building,

at 111 E. Broward Blvd., is the latest in a barrage of

projects constantly breaking height records in their

efforts to claim a piece of a booming real estate

market in Fort Lauderdale's urban core.

Meanwhile, the City Commission's approval of a

39-story residential tower was postponed Tuesday, as

developers of Brickell Heights residential towers

delayed seeking approval for the latest addition to

this city's expanding skyline.

The most recent projects represent the first major

push to develop the city's downtown north of Broward

Boulevard. Once considered blighted and shunned by

developers, this area now is the subject of plans that

are piling up in City Hall.

Fort Lauderdale Planning Director Marc LaFerrier said

all of the approximately 1,500 residential units

allowed in buildings for the overall area have been

claimed by projects that have been built, are under construction or are in the pipeline. Still more are in the wings hoping to step forward if a project ahead of them falls apart, LaFerrier said.

This is the first residential venture into Broward

County for Groupe Pacific, the Miami-based development

company that is seeking approval for the 48-story


"While there is substantial `high end' residential

development to the south of Broward Boulevard along

the river," a proposal submitted to city officials

from Groupe Pacific reads, "development along Broward

Boulevard and to its north is lagging far behind in

the number of units being developed."

Groupe Pacific's unnamed building would dwarf any

current downtown highrise. Nestled among the federal courthouse, the 19-story South Trust Tower and a city parking lot, the new residential tower would open 354 apartments within a few steps of Fort Lauderdale City Hall.

City officials have already met with developers,

sending the project back to the drawing table because

the design was too "bulky."

"When we first saw the design, we had some concerns,"

Fort Lauderdale City Manager George Gretsas said. "The

concern was the bulk of the building, as well as the positioning of the back of the building. The fact that it could potentially have an impact on the economic value of our property was a concern. Because we are a property owner, we wanted to make sure whatever was built there was not detrimental to the economic value of our property."

Current plans call for the first nine floors of the

building to be a parking lot, able to accommodate

almost 600 cars. The proposal also allows retail

stores to line the building along Broward Boulevard, introducing businesses into a street traditionally inhabited by bankers and government employees.

"We know the business and we build where we believe

there is going to be market acceptance with our

product," said Alan David, vice president of Groupe

Pacific. "In many areas, there is resistance from old

timers to see change. People tend to resist change

sometimes. I think that there's a need for downtown


The housing market is making neighborhoods once

ignored attractive to developers.

By Flagler Village, the 39-story Brickell Heights

apartment tower would set precedent in the area, an

industrial, low-rise section of downtown, adding 356

apartments to the neighborhood.

The project was rescheduled Tuesday to face

commissioners on April 19, because the developer

wanted more time to talk to city officials and the

community, according to the group's attorney Robert

Lochrie. But the community generally has supported

residential development there, in part because new

projects are replacing decayed buildings or defunct

businesses. While there is no downtown height limit,

Gretsas said it is a topic that will have to be

addressed if residents begin to complain. "Height is

an issue," he said. "There's more to come. There's no

question about that."


Bid Date: Est. Start Date:

August 2005 September 2005


New construction and site work for a mixed-use complex in Fort Lauderdale. Schematic plans are calling for a 48-story tower to house 354 one-, two-, and three bedroom apartments above a nine-floor, 600-space parking garage, 4,500-square feet of ground-floor retail space, 3,000 square feet of commercial space, and 43,500 square feet of office space.

Construction is expected to commence in early fall 2005. Interested parties should direct inquiries to the developer.

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