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I took a trip to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick a few years ago. Here's a few of the pictures, it was pouring rain and spitting snow most of the time I was there, but I managed to have a nice time anyway.

We took the ferry from Portland, Maine. Here's the view from the ferry arriving at Yarmouth, Nova Scotia:


One of the many coastal villages between Yarmouth and Halifax:




One of the bridges in Halifax, I can't remember which one:


Reversing Falls in Saint John, New Brunswick:



A village in Southern New Brunswick (quite blurry):


Leaving Canada at the Border Crossing into Calais, Maine:


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The one out of Portland is overnight, it's like a white trash cruise. They have a casino and dinner theatre. It was fun. there's also a high speed ferry out of Bar Harbor that makes the crossing in a few hours. Haven't been on that one yet.

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I remember some talk of a ferry out of Boston. I believe there's a cruise line that heads to Atlantic Canada and the St. Lawrence from Boston.



Yes, do a search for 'Boston Halifax Cruise' or something like that and a bunch of agencies come up.

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