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Detroit from the Maccabees Building, 1942.


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I was browsing the Library of Congress photo archives when I came across a killer 1942 shot from Detroit photographer Arthur Siegel. It was taken looking south from the Maccabees Building, but the real sweet thing is it's in color.

Here's page leading to the original photo with all the credits, details, and download formats. Go to "Michigan--Detroit." I was crazy enough to download the HUGE 192 megabyte TIFF, which resulted in my current wallpaper (679k). I brightened up the photo a bit, and added some much-needed color saturation that's always lacking in Olde Tyme color photographs.

Browse around the LOC site. There are some more photos from Siegel in color, and hundreds more in black and white, of Detroit and everywhere else.

EDIT: The description says it's from the Fisher Building, but upon examination of the photo itself and some maps, it's gotta be from the Maccabees, where Siegel took some of his others. Your thoughts?

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