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nashvol's crazy dreams for downtown


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If you can't read something, just ask...I'll try to explain.

Blue = under construction, underway

Yellow = proposed or not near future

Red = things nashvol wants changed downtown

Just think of what Church St. and Commerce could be like one day if/when some of this stuff is completed.


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Okay...the blue spaces just show where the construction of the Sympony Hall, The Viridian, and the new Sun Trust building...no explination needed.

The Yellow spots are for the Signature Tower proposal, the Federal Courthouse (who knows when it will arrive), and the huge mixed use area just north of downtown between Germantown and Downtown (where the Harrison Lofts will be)

The red areas...

5th and Demonbreun, near the GEC and CMHOF: Much needed parking garage for Preds/Kats games, CMHOF and soon to be Symphony performances Probably should be 7-8 stories to satisfy most of the parking situation for that side of Broadway.

7th, 8th, and Commerce (behind Hume Fogg): Hume Fogg needs a gym, and some extra parking for students and teachers. I'd say with a decent gym (and the destruction of that damned club), they could still fit a decent sized 2 story parking garage.

4th, 5th, and Commerce (that ugly parking garage and that hideous white building): I think this area would be prime for a good sized highrise, either an office tower or maybe even more apartments/condos (that would make a good, concentrated residential core)...the parking garage should be replaced with either a better looking structure, or a burried lot. This space may even be big enough for 2 skyscrapers (just think....4 on one block!)...but I would hope for the towers to be slightly shorter, in order to not "hide" the L&C.



Convention Center site: On Broadway, there should be a retail/restaurant continuation from lower broad (no clubs needed though..lol)...since this is uphill...my vision shows something like the cascading retail developement like that on Demonbreun near the roundabout. 1953nashville_012_040093_re_c_copy.jpg

Behind this, there is plenty of room for use...either office, residential (which in my plan, there is already a lot of), or possibly a civic building of some kind...but I want something dense...I don't like the fact that there are no tall buildings on Broadway...anything 10-20 stories would be fine...30 would be better.

The NCC2 site (near 6th and Church?): Any highrise, office or residential. I don't think that we have to have a 40 story building there...10-15 would be fine with me.

7th, 6th, and Demonbreun (behind the Baptist Church): I don't know what would fit here, since nothing else fronts this area...but as of now it is a giant waste of land. This is probably one of the biggest surface lots in the city. Any ideas...I have no real vision here...just a hole after i visually tore it apart. :D

Btw, same goes for the lot across the street from it...is that the bus station? If so, pretend the whole block is highlighted. :D

In a couple of nooks and crannies of 2nd Ave, there are little surface lots and a couple of little parking garages that I find hideous.




Parking can be subsidized into one big garage, while the others are torn down/developed into something else (lofts? small offices?).

Also, just off the pic...they need to develope the area around the Shelby Street Bridge near where the stadium developement will be (I'm not sure if the land is currently slated to be a part of that).



Thank Style for the pics (except for the last one)...I stole them from the SSP forum. :rolleyes:

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Nash I'm right there with you on the parking, as are many others. Way too much prime real estate is taken up by terrible one level parking lots.

I also stand with you on longing for the removal of all the trashy clubs. Especially strip clubs and the adult books stores. Just one store can tremendously bring a whole area down.

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