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Detroit in its heyday


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Detroit used to be right behind Chicago. In fact, we were set to get an 81 story skyscraper! It's too bad they had to scale it back because of the Depression :(. The Depression couldn't have come at a worse time as far as skyscrapers...we were at the heght of the huge building boom that gave us all the old skyscrapers we have today.

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Great pics. Normally I wouldn't intrude on your thread by posting pics of another city, but since you requested, here are some old pics of Buffalo:


Cerca 1877:


Central Terminal in 1930:


Cerca 1911:




Aerial...I'm guestimating it was taken cerca 1935:


Foot of Main Street in the early 1900's

(this is where HSBC Arena is now):


Thanks to http://www.monteleones.net/buffalo/buffinf...ge/Welcome.html for providing the above pics.

I could do a whole separate thread on the grain elevators in on the south side of downtown, but I'll stick to office buildings for now. :)

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Buffalo is loaded with architectural treasures, but its lack of modern architecture hurts its national image. To walk the streets of Buffalo, you find yourself surrounded by some amazing buildings:

Ellicott Square (once the world's largest office building):


The old post office:


Guaranty Building:


City Hall:


Amazing stuff from a city rich in history.

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