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Uptown Condo questions

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Hey guys and girls,

I was thinking of getting a place in the uptown are of charlotte to hang on to for about a year and a half to two years until I finish school. I have been considering a few buildings and was wondering if anyone has any information that may help me make a decision.

The buildings I have been considering are The Renwick which has yet to be built. I also came across the St. Peters Building which is an older condo conversion.

I was considering something in the Trademark or Epicenter (if it will be condos) or possibly even The Park.

Im looking to stay under $200k to give you a ballpark. (I do not know if there is anything even available at the Park in that price range)

I had also considered the Iveys Building but their units seem to be a bit larger than what Im looking for so unless I can find something around 700sq ft in the Iveys building I would have to rule that out.

What are your takes on this situation?


Daniel Mich

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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