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Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

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The C Renovation was complete in 2019 IIRC. 

The "split" you refer to on the E Concourse is essentially AA's shoddy way of crowd control. Instead of everyone waiting at each individual gates, some gates now have a central waiting area with the old gate areas now closed/off limits with stanchions. Once your flight has started boarding you proceed through the stanchion into the now off-limits gate area and to your gate. 

First-generation regional jet concourses (Pittsburgh's Concourse E, Cincinnati's Concourse C, the old E Gates in Salt Lake City, etc) operated like that. United Express gates in Dulles and Houston still operate like that...there could be more. In all of these instances everyone had to wait in a central waiting area (like an upmarket bus station). Then once boarding was called you scanned your boarding pass and proceeded through a door which led to a long corridor where you were essentially on your own to find another door which would lead to your plane. 

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Anyone know what gate this is...is it a hardstand gate?  The CLT website also shows as A34 arrival gate while AA just doesn't list the gate.


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Where is gate A34? The north gates are A21 - A29

Seems like a glitch where the gate from DFW got populated as the gate at CLT as well. 

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