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1100 N Tampa St.

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I live just two blocks away from an old three-story brick building, clearly has been vacant for some time (I'd guess 15 years or so). Attached to this is a newer two and one story structure with a wraparound. It's on N. Tampa, I think in the 1100 block but I may be wrong. About two blocks north of the Domino's, sitting caddycorner to the wonderful Army-Navy surplus store we all know and love.

Lately, they've put up a chain-link fence there and there are signs indicating that work is goin to be done there shortly. My question is, does anybody have any idea what the plan is for this building? Are they demolishing it and building something new? Are they going to rehab it and maybe put in like a little diner thing with some condo or office space? I'm very curious and haven't seen anything about it in the papers. I figured this forum was the place to go.

edit Now that I see The Arlington is at 1209 N Franklin, this building must be around 1220 N. Tampa.

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