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Tunica Airport

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It was recently reported on the Memphis news circuit that the Tunica Airport intends to pursue regularly scheduled commercial service. Last summer, a discount carrier committee that included reps from Southwest, JetBlue, AirTran, and Frontier visited MEM and Tunica to spec on future airlines to the area. JetBlue later made speculations that they would serve MEM, but the others appeared to enjoy Tunica. Should Southwest, AirTran, and Frontier begin service from Tunica, would this airport mop MEM clean? The Commercial Appeal and reps from MEM made it seem as though a Tunica airport would fit in, for it would be the smaller commercial airport to serve the big city. I personally feel that a Tunica National Aiport would receive more local passengers than Memphis International does, but Memphis Int'l should be able to stay afloat. I think the figure is that only 20% of the passengers at MEM originate from Memphis, so we should be fine...what do you guys think?

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