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Bor de Wolf

Commuter line in Tokyo

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Hi everybody,

I am doing research for a docu-series about commuters. We want to make portraits of commuters all around the world. And while we follow them on their way to work (or back home, depending on which is more interesting), we try to catch a glimpse of the society and culture they live in.

We feel Tokyo should be part of our series. Not only because it's a metropolis, but also because of its fascinating mix of ancient tradition and technology. So I am looking for people who are willing to provide me with some info on interesting things happening on/around (one of) the busy commuter metro/train lines towards Shinjuku. I am looking for anything that might be different/strange/interesting/remarkable/... to Europeans. It can be a material thing, or a kind of behaviour, or... Anything from capsule beds and chikans to the railway itself as a miniature society and its architecture. As long as it is related to/ accessible from/... the commuter line (station, train)!

Thanks in advance to anybody who can give me some insight in the life of a commuter in Tokyo. Leads to other interesting/ different ways of commuting anywhere in the world are also highly appreciated.

You can email me at [email protected], send me a PM or post in this thread.



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Kind of in response to chikan many commuter lines in Tokyo now have women only cars which seems to be gaining popularity all over Japan. When I visited Kobe last week they had them there too.

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