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Philly Building Boom

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Here is the article on the Philly Boom.

Philly Business Journal Article

Below is the website on publications that track and

show the trends in Center City.

Good for other cities to see what programs worked and

what programs are not effective.

2005 State of Center City Report (pdf version)

The 10th annual State of Center City report is designed to measure the progress

of Philadelphia's downtown, to document continuing challenges, and to be of

use to those who seek to develop, locate, lease, invest or meet in Center City.

(42 pages color)

2005 Publications

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Center City and University City are really coming along nicely. But Philly really needs to get it's inner city together. I'd rather the see the 3 Billion dollars of investment funneled into making North and West Philly civilized neighborhoods.

Priorities are all screwed up here. Makes no sense at all to be building 50 story condo units that start at $750,000 when you have entire neighborhoods living below the poverty line.

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