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Unity Park (New 160 Acre West End Park)


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I know the environmentalists will strongly disagree, but the city missed an opportunity with river. Instead of widening and clearing like the stretch beside the Peace Center, it’s obscured by natural growth ie weeds. By definition, that park is intended to be a tourist destination and showpiece. But we have a ditch barely visible unless on a bridge. At least the frogs and crickets are happy. 

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Hundreds of apartments in four planned affordable developments around Unity Park will go on the market over the next two to three years.

Greenville Housing Fund CEO Bryan Brown said he hopes to begin construction on the first of four coming projects near the end of 2022, and on the rest within the next year.

In all, the Housing Fund and its partners plan to build 1,000 affordable units on the periphery of Unity Park. The four initial developments planned by the Housing Fund account for about 375.

The City of Greenville donated multiple properties near the park for affordable housing that, combined with financial contributions, amounts to about $15 million, Brown said during a Sept. 12 City Council meeting. 

He said he hopes to begin construction first on the Oscar Apartments, a 52-unit development that will stand at the corner of Oscar and Nasau streets, late this year. Of those units, 39 will be priced affordably for people making between 50 and 100 percent of the area median income (AMI).

Brown said he expects work to begin on the other three project shortly after. The Southernside Senior I project will be built off of West Washington Street with 93 age-restricted units affordable at 50 to 60 percent AMI. Southernside Senior II, also an age-restricted development, will stand near the intersection of Trescott Street and West Washington and will offer 54 affordable apartments for renters at 50 to 60 percent AMI.

The largest of the four developments, the Lighthouse Unity apartment complex, will add 252 units between Oscar and Meadow streets, 189 of which will be available for people making 50 to 100 percent AMI.


More info: https://www.postandcourier.com/greenville/news/affordable-apartments-near-greenvilles-unity-park-a-few-years-away/article_1e7ac106-32f1-11ed-9b7e-bba7fb23c066.html


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On 9/13/2022 at 5:19 PM, GVLer said:

I respectfully disagree. They removed some trees, but facilitated so much other vegetation that the river is obscured. I would have preferred that it looked like the river does by Riverplace. 

I understand your point here; the river is not very impressive or picturesque through this stretch, and is much more a creek than a river. I would say, however, the river is not really supposed to be the centerpiece here, but rather the park itself is the centerpiece.  The park piggy backs off the success of other stretches of the river, and provides the floodplain that allowed the park acreage to be there in the first place, making the park possible. The river (falls) is definitely the centerpiece for other stretches, such as Riverwalk and Falls Park, but it doesn't serve the park the same way. We'll just have to enjoy the park for the parks' sake in this area and enjoy the river in other areas.

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