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progress of Greensboro's Beltway


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The southeastern loop or I-85 bypass will be open for traffic in the spring of 2004. here are som arials the show the progress so far. The bottom stretch of highway on the photo is part of the loop that will encircle Greensboro. the stretch of freeway on the top of the photo is the current I-85/40. When the bypass is complete. the current I-85/40 will become business I-85/40


Here is the I-840/I-85 interchange east of Greensboro


They just started construction on the western leg near the airport. It will soon connect with the southeastern leg.

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True. The current I-40 through Greensboro is a dreaded drive. The new road projects are long over due. These projects should have started in the mid 1980's. One reason why Greensboro was neglected for so long is because Charlotte and Raleigh were booming at the time and alot of the state transportation money went to those areas.

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