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Crown Center Future Development


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I took photos last week of the model at Westin Crown Center of the growing development of Crown Center.

Another 20 floor + skyscraper is already planned. As well as 2 (or maybe one) 13 floor skyscrapers with great designs.

Sorry about the blurriness, I had to have flash off for the windows (and to not disturb the reseraunt behind) and I forgot my tripod.

This is the south part of crown center, the photo is north.








Also, a 20+ floor residential building is planned, however CC/Hallmark wishes to concentrate on office space right now.

There is one 32 residential tower, but there is another which is a twin that is planned.

This is a rendering of the tower which is already built (32 floors)


its planned twin can be seen in one of the model photos.

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