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Selena Quintanilla Perez

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Selena Quintanilla Perez

BORN: April 16, 1971, Lake Jackson, TX

DIED: March 31, 1995, Corpus Christi, TX

Selena Quintanilla-Perez was born in Lake Jackson, Texas on April 16. 1971; Easter Sunday. Her parents, Marcella and Abraham Quintanilla Jr. were delighted to have a new addition to their family which already had two children; Abraham Quintanilla III (A.B.) then 8, and Suzette then 4.

Abraham always had a passion for music. In the late 50's and early 60's he was part of the group Los Dinos (The Guys). When his children were very young, he began to teach them an instrument. A.B. the bass and Suzette the drums. When Selena was just 3 years old, she demanded to know why her father was leaving her out of the music. Abraham simply said she was too young. Right then Selena showed him she was not too young, she showed him her own instrument, her voice. Abraham couldn't believe what a beautiful sound she heard. By the time Selena was 6, she was already singing like a pro in English and in Spanish, even though she didn't speak the language, alongside her brother, sister, and father.

When Selena was 9, her father started the group Selena Y Los Dinos (Selena and The Guys). The group's first performances were in Papagallos, the Quintanilla family's restaurant opened in 1980. Everyone who saw her, even at that young age, knew she was going to be a star someday.

Soon the restaurant fell and the Quintanilla family went bankrupt, they were out on the streets without a roof over their head. The family moved to Corpus Christi, Texas where they piled into an old bus with all their musical equipment. They played everywhere they could, on streets, at weddings... Soon all the hard work paid off. Selena recorded her first album in 1984 under the Freddie label. This album was not released just then and the original copies were bought by Abraham. However, the album was released in 1995 titled "Mis Primeras Grabaciones."

Because Selena was getting even more popular and the traveling to perform was interfering with school, Abraham pulled her out of school when she was in the 8th grade. Even though she was not attending school anymore, Selena earned a high school degree from a correspondence school in Chicago.

In 1986, Selena's career really began to take off. Her second album, Alpha, was released then. At the Tejano Music Awards, she took the award for Female Vocalist of the Year (this was just the start of Selena sweeping the Tejano Music Awards for the next 10 years). Another important thing that happened in 1986 was she was discovered by two huge names in the Tejano music industry; Rick Trevi?, founder of the Tejano Music Awards, and Johnny Canales, an entertainer with one of the top Spanish television shows.

In 1988, two more Selena albums were released, Preciosa and Dulce Amor. But it was in 1989 when Selena got her big break. That year, she signed with Capitol/EMI Latin label. By this time, Selena's concerts were drawing thousands of people and her band was expanding. Pete Astudillo joined Selena Y Los Dinos and can be heard on such hit duets as "Yo Te Amo" ("I Love You") and "Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti" ("I'm Always Thinking Of You"). A.B. (who was already writing most of Selena's songs) joined Pete and wrote such it songs as "Como La Flor" ("Like A Flower"). Pete stayed with the band for 4 years but left in 1993 to go solo.

In 1988, Selena met a guitarist named Chris Perez. Chris had performed with the popular singer Shelly Lares and even had his own band. The Quintanilla family hired him to be in the band in 1990. On April 3, 1992, Selena married Chris Perez.

In 1990, a fan approached Abraham with the idea of starting a fan club. Her name was Yolanda Saldivar. Her wish was granted. She was often referred to as Selena's biggest fan. Yolanda became a very close friend of Selena's, but later on, one of her worst enemies.

Ven Conmigo (Come With Me) was released in 1990. That album had such hits as "Baila Esta Cumbia" ("Dance This Cumbia"). Another hit album, Entre A Mi Mundo (Come Into My World), was released in 1992. Such hits from that album like "Como La Flor" and "La Carcacha" ("The Old Car") made Selena a star. Her 1993 Live album one her a Grammy award for Best Mexican American Performance. But 1994 was her best year, that was when she truly became a superstar.

In 1994, Selena released Amor Prohibido (Forbidden Love). An album that even knocked Gloria Estefan's "Mi Tierra" off the number one spot on the charts. By March of 1995, it had sold over 400,000 copies. Amor Prohibido included such hits as "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom," the title track, "Fotos Y Recuerdos" ("Photos And Memories"), "No Me Queda Mas" ("I've Got Nothing Left"), and "El Chico Del Apartamento 512" ("The Boy Of Apartment 512"). Also in that year, Selena opened her boutique and salon, Selena Etc., in Corpus Christi. It had been her dream since she was a little girl to sell the clothing and jewelry that she loved to design. In January of 1995, another boutique opened in San Antonio, Texas.

In February of 1995, Selena sold out the Houston Astrodome with her last concert for the Houston Livestock and Rodeo. A record attendance for any Tejana.

Also in February, trouble started with the Selena Fan Club. People were complaining that they weren't receiving their packets they paid for. The Quintanilla family confronted Yolanda, who by this time was also manager of the boutiques. Money also started to turn up missing from the Selena Etc. account. Yolanda was stealing from them. On March 12, 1995, Selena fired Yolanda. Although she was fired, Yolanda continued to work because there were papers missing. On March 30, Selena went to where Yolanda was staying in Corpus, a Days Inn motel, to get the missing paperwork. When Selena and Chris got home that night, they found out that some of the papers were still missing. Early the next morning, Selena got up and went to face Yolanda again.

There Yolanda told her she had been raped in Monterey, Mexico and needed to go to the hospital. Being the kind person that Selena was, she took her. After about an hour, Selena and Yolanda returned to the motel and argued. Selena told her that she just couldn't be trusted anymore. At 11:48 am, Yolanda took out a gun, and fired at Selena. The bullet struck her in her right shoulder. With all her strength, Selena ran towards the lobby to get help. She collapsed on the floor as the clerk called 911. Soon an ambulance came to take Selena to the hospital where she was pronounced dead at 1:05 PM.

News of Selena's death spread all over the world. Selena fans mourned the loss of their queen, the queen of Tejano music. Thousands and thousands of fans passed by her coffin. The Friday she died, will always be known as Black Friday...

In July of 1995, her dream of crossing over into the pop market was accomplished. The first single released from her English album Dreaming Of You, "I Could Fall In Love," instantly became a hit and was in heavy rotation all across the US. Dreaming Of You instantly hit the charts at number one, if only Selena was here to see her dream come true. Selena will always be in the hearts of her millions of fans, she will never be forgotten. We love you Selena!!


SELENA COULD HAVE LIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

READ ON!!!!!!!!!!


Rick Mitchell wrote a detailed account of the assassination of Selena for the Houston Chronicle, published 5 May 1995. In it he wrote:

At the hospital, Abraham learned there had been no accident. Selena had been shot in the back and was listed as dead on arrival, a doctor said, but they'd managed to get her heart started again briefly and had given her a blood transfusion.

Abraham, who'd followed his father into the Jehovah's Witnesses faith some years earlier, immediately reacted to the transfusion. "No! She doesn't want that," he yelled.

Only then did the horrible finality of the doctor's words begin to sink in. Selena was dead.


So sad she could have lived but her father wouldn't let her get the transfusion for "Religious" reasons


Here are autopsy photos, Don't worry there not gross.

selena in her coughin

selena autopsy photo 1

selena autopsy photo 2

selena autopsy photo 3

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I loved Selena. For my 17th birthday some friends and I danced in a restaurant parking lot to Bidi Bidi Bom Bom until a security guard made us turn it down.

I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day now. :wacko:

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Selena Facts

This is long but very interesting but atleast read to half way.

Selena Quintanilla Perez did not have a middle name.

Selena's favorite flowers were long stemmed, white roses.

Selena's favorite colors were purple and black.

One of Selena's dreams was to have her own farm. Towards the end of her life she and Chris had purchased 10 acres of land just outside of Corpus Christi, on which they planned to build a farm, raise horses, and build their own house. Selena had already picked out the furniture.

Selena had an extensive Faberge egg collection. In her living room, she had big glass cabinets in which she kept more than 500 designer eggs. She had everything from gold to diamond, every size. If it looked like an egg she bought it. Her friends and family related this hobby to the fact that she was born on Easter Sunday. According to Suzette, each egg tells a story. There's one that Chris bought her a week before she died and then there's one Selena bought at Universal City in Los Angeles. All of the eggs are on display in their original cases at the Q-Production's Selena Museum. In the display case, they're arranged exactly the way they were in Selena's living room.

Selena once drove a black BMW but it was stolen and dumped into the ocean only to be replaced by Selena's legendary red Porsche Targa.

Selena loved to shop at Wal-Mart and Pay Less Shoes Source.

In middle school Selena was asked to try out for the cheerleading squad but because of her touring with the band she didn't have time for it.

As a teenager Selena's favorite TV show was the 80's hit 'Moonlighting' which starred Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard.

Selena's family teased Selena, saying that the only reason she opened a salon was so that she could get pampered for free.

Selena was a Democrat.

Every day Selena took a walk through her neighborhood.

Selena found it impossible to turn down a dare.

Selena was born in Lake Jackson, Texas on Easter Sunday

Her nickname was "Preciosa"- which means beautiful, spirited and wonderful.

She never refused to sign an autograph

She never built a fence between herself and her fans

The name Selena comes from the words "Selenite" and "moonstone"

Selena had 5 dogs and a python

Selena had a black BMW, but it was stolen and found at sea. She then bought her Porsche.

Selena wore contacts

Selena once filled the middle of Oreo Cookies with Mint Toothpaste, to play a joke on a fellow singer, but her father ate it.

Selena was 5'6" in height.

Selena designed all of her stage outfits herself.

Selena's favorite lip color was the now discontinued "Brick" from Chanel.

Once Selena, bored on an airplane ride, got up and sang to her fellow passengers. She then put on an apron and asked them if they would like a drink.

Selena paid $300 to save a rabbit she accidentally ran over in the street.

Selena was in the process of building a new home containing 10 bedrooms to be located in the lush "King Estates" south of Corpus Christi overlooking Oso creek near the Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens.

Selena liked to drink hot tea w/honey and lemon before her concerts.

Selena weighed 5lbs 10 1/2oz at birth.

Selena went bungee jumping on a dare

Selena's first publicist was Ramon Herrera

When Selena Y Los Dinos first started out, the Quintanilla's made lights out of peach cans

Selena had a black Pomeranian named Pebbles

Selena had a motorcycle

Selena was a spokes person for: Coca-Cola, AT&T and Southwestern Bell and Agree Shampoo (Dep Corp)

Selena was on the TV Novella "Dos Mujeres, Un Camino"

Selena also did a cameo in the film "Don Juan De Marco"

Once a fan offered to give Selena a ranch.

Selena had scars on her legs that she was embarrassed about.

Selena earned a GED (General Equivalency Diploma) from The American School of Chicago in 1989.

Selena last attended school, as a regular student, at West Oso Middle School.

Selena had been accepted to the Louisiana State University.

Food Related

Selena's favorite restaurants were Pizza Hut and The Olive Garden.

Selena's favorite food was pizza. She loved to brag that she could polish off a whole medium pizza by herself.

Selena loved Whataburgers

Selena loved tacos from Jack In The Box when she was touring. In the early days, Jack In The Box was her family's favorite fast food restaurant.

Music Related

The Beginning

Selena recorded her first album with Freddie Records in the early 80's.

Selena sang at her father's restaurant "Papa Gayo's" in 1980

Selena started singing with A.B. and Suzette at the age of 6

Album Sales

Selena was named by Billboard Magazine as the Best Selling Latin Artist of the Decade (90's), selling approx 18,000,000 albums.

Selena was named the fastest selling female artist in history back in 1995, when her albums "Dreaming Of You" sold well over 175,000 copies it's first day.

Selena broke Mariah Carey's sales record. Selena's "Dreaming Of You" sold in one day, what Mariah's CD sold in one week.

Selena, was the first Latin artist to chart a Latin album (at least 50% Spanish) at #1 on the Billboard 200 Pop Charts.

Selena's 1994 album "Amor Prohibido" has sold over 5,000,000 copies.

Selena's 1993 Grammy - winning album "Live" has sold over 1,500,000 copies.

Selena has sold approximately 20,000,000 albums in 6 years.

"Dreaming Of You" has sold over 5,000,000 copies.

"All My Hits - Todos Mis Exitos" made up 50% of EMI Latin's sales in 1999.

The 3 - Disc "Anthology" sold 500,000 copies its first two weeks. Selena spent more weeks at number 1 on Billboard Top 50 Latin charts than any other artist. 'Amor Prohibido' was number 1 for 78 weeks, which beats Gloria Estefan's 58 weeks.

Awards and Sales Charts

Selena was the first Tejano artist ever to win a Grammy Award.

Selena's album "Ven Conmigo" was the first Tejano album ever to go Gold.

Selena was named "Female Artist of The Year" for 9 years in a row, at the Tejano Music Awards.

Selena y Los Dinos was named 3rd Best Dressed Group in 1994.

Selena is the only Latin and FEMALE artist ever to place 5 consecutive albums is Billboard 200 top Selling albums in the U.S. and UK. This has only been accomplished by Elvis, The Beatles, and Garth Brooks.

"Ven Conmigo" was the first Tejano album to go Gold

Selena's 7 number 1 singles were 'Buenos Amigos' which was at the top for a week, 'Dondequiera Que Estes' which was at the top for 6 weeks, 'Amor Prohibido' which topped for 9 weeks, 'Bidi Bidi Bom Bom' which topped for 4 weeks, 'No Me Queda Mas' which was number 1 for 7 weeks, 'Fotos Y Recuerdos' which was number 1 for 7 weeks, and 'Tu Solo Tu', the biggest hit of her career with 10 weeks at the top.

Selena recorded "Buenos Amigos" a duet with Alvaro Torres in 1991, her first #1 song


"La Carcacha" was Selena's first music video.

The music video for the song "Amor Prohibido" was shot in Joshua Tree, California in 1994.

Selena's "No Me Queda Mas" video was shot entirely in San Antonio, TX. The stair case scene was shot at the Amtrak Railroad station, the wedding scene at the S.A. Botanical gardens, the restaurant scene at Michellino's on the riverwalk.

There was a delay in beginning production for the "No Me Queda Mas" video, because Selena wanted a white rose to be given to her in the video, not the red one that they had ready.


Selena co-wrote the songs "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" and "Amame".

Selena favorites songs were "Amor Prohibido" and "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom"

"Amor Prohibido" was written about Selena's grandparents

The songs "Where Did The Feeling Go?", "Is It The Beat?" and "Only Love" were recorded a few months after Selena singed on with EMI Latin in 1989. They remained unreleased until 1996 and 1997.

The song 'No Me Queda M

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