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High Rise Condos in Second Tier Cities

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Can anyone help me come up with a list of high rise condominiums in American cities outside of the very largest metropolitan areas? I need to do case studies of such projects to help gauge the feasibility of high rise condos in Salt Lake City.


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Providence, which is around 200k city, 1.7m-ish metro, is embarking on a bit of a high-rise condo boom.


Two towers in the Captial Center area are set for an official ground breaking on Monday. The project is two towers in the 20 story range. It was set to be apartments, but at the last minute the developer changed gears and decided to go condo. For more information see the Intercontinental | Waterplace thread in the Providence section.


OneTen Westminster is set to breakground in November in the city's financial district. It will be a 32 story luxury condo high rise. Form more information see the OneTen Westminster thread in the Providence section.


A second tower is being built next to the city's Westin Hotel, a low-rise addition will feature more rooms for the hotel, and 30-ish story high-rise section will contain condos. Site work has begun and an official groundbreaking is expected in July. See the Westin Second Tower thread in the Providence section.

There is also the "Power Block" concept which is somewhat nebulous at the moment. The city's Holiday Inn is planned to be renovated and upgraded into a Hilton, a 20+ story tower would be added with condos. Across the street from that is a proposal by the same developer for another 20+ story condo tower, and the same developer has proposed one more tower on a location that he hasn't secured the rights to yet, so he's not announcing it publicly. And a 10-story condo tower is planned for the city's Federal Hill neighbourhood.

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Norfolk is around 250k and Va beach around 400k (metro 1.6 million)

This building starts construction in January in norfolk


C: The Granby- A 31-story, 450ft tower, with a 100ft spire on top surrounded by 4-story buildings with 300 total condos selling from $250,000 to $2,000,000. Includes parking (wrapped around the building not under it) 17,000-square-feet of retail. Construction to begin January 2006 with the tower completed by summer 2007. A 4,000-square-foot sales pavilion, to be erected on a vacant lot at the intersection of Boush and Charlotte streets near the site of the proposed high rise, will have a decorated prototype home as well as touch screens where visitors can see floor plans and views. A grand opening for the sales pavilion is expected to take place in September.

G: Tidewater Community College Administration Building - 16 to 18 story building to house consolidated and relocated administrative functions into a single location. (update: Demolition and site work is currently underway on this project)


^^^This is a unique building currently under construction that combines a school admin tower with 120 condos. Heres the website Harbor Heights

Here is a link to a 38-story tower in Va. Beach body_block7.jpgWestin Condos

^^^^This starts construction this Summer.

There is much more going on in our metro but I chose the 3 above as the best examples because all 3 had started as much smaller projects and all 3 have been increased in height several times due to extremely high demand. The size of the city and metro isn't as important as the economy. I dare say city's as small as 150k can probably support some decent highrise condos if the economy is solid.

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