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Old Charlotte Convention Center News


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I've had a chance to see designs for the redevelopment of the old convention center (the big ugly white box with the pyramids). It will be stripped to shell condition & recladded. The design is ok. Reminds me a lot of the main entrance to Southpark. A 10-12 screen movie theater will be on the 2nd floor. You'll walk through covered corridors from College or Trade and escalators will take you up to the theaters. The project will be 2 stories with 2 huge rooftop terraces. Other than the theater, no tenants are signed, but it looks to be more popular chain restaurants and a sports bar. The new building will have a light rail connection and a rebuilt connection to overstreet mall. An article will be in the paper by the end of the month.

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well the banks have teamed up and purchased it from the city. getting it away from the city and into private hands is a great start. Spectrum Properties will purchase from the banks and renovate. theres no stupid bidding process now. The reskin of the existing structure instead of a total tear down and start over is the only financially feasible way they can go. When I say reskin though - it wont even resemble whats there now. all that will be left are structural columns and the foundation/parking garage. Stuff like Hard Rock, Espn Zone, etc are the targeted big restaurant tenants i think. unfortunately, NO REAL RETAIL in this project. more restaurants & stuff.

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