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NC paying for other state's highways (video)

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Saw this story on WFMY News 2 and thought it was interesting. Link contains the full story on video. In the video Sen. Kay Hagan also talks about the problem with counties in NC having to compete with one another for road money. She talks about the Fayetteville Loop and how the head of the NCDOT is from Fayetteville. Hmmm.... I've recently heard about the loop in Fayetteville and wondered why it is being funded ahead of other such projects in NC.

What do you think?

North Carolina's Bumpy Ride to Smooth Roads in the Future

Why road projects in the Triad and throughout the state face so many road blocks.

Greensboro, NC -- State lawmakers want to improve transportation in North Carolina.

They say road projects aren't keeping pace with the amount of traffic on state highways.

Since 1989, vehicle traffic has increased by 54%, while the number of paved roads has only increased 24%.

Senator Kay Hagan, (D) Guilford Co., says North carolina is considered a 'pass-through' or 'donor' state by the federal government. She says the state pays about $1 billion a year in gas taxes, but only gets $900 million back.

"What that means is that right now we're funding other state highways, to the detriment of our own," says Hagan.

Hagan and some of her colleagues have written letters to Senator's Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole. She and other state lawmakers are asking the federal government to change the formula, so North Carolina can keep most of the revenue it generates.

WFMY News 2

Russell Haythorn , Reporter

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