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List of projects for possible skyscrapers


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Ok, here is a list of the possible companies, etc... Which may build skyscrapers as tall as or taller than 15-20 floors.

H&R Block (looking at south loop, tallest that may be built has been estimated (by me) at 32 floors and the lowest would have to be 15 floors due to the block size.

Federal Reserve, much is not known about the Federal Reserve, could very well be lowrises or highrises, nothing is known.

Wadell and Reed, May just be pulling KC's leg but could move downtown, either into 1KCP, the Town Pavilion, or maybe another building.

Expansion of other companies such as American Century will result in buildings smaller than 17 floors but that is still a welcome height.

All things look good for us :)

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for a full list of projects go to http://www.kcskyscrapers.com

Also in the pipeline for KC:

Downtown Performing Arts Center

Downtown Arena

Bartle Hall Ballroom Expansion

(after the above is completed) Bartle Hall Exhibition Room Expansion

More Parking Garages for 1KCP, City Center Square, Town Pavilion, and planned entertainment district.

Bus Rapid Transit Line

Downtown Wayfinding Signs

Kansas City Ballet

The Views Renovation (formally Vista Del Rio)

And already, over 2,000 lofts have been finished, construction & planned for just downtown.

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