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Providence Architecture

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I'll need to check, but isn't this Cotuit's Prov Projects 2.0 photos and info?

- Garris


Hey guys glad you found my site! That is deffinitly Cotuit's info and photos - I asked a way back if i may use them - due to finals and other obstacles i havent had the time to really dig deep into the constuction of the site. Soon though, this will become the site i really want it to be. In the mean time Ive been collecting Stats, information, and even ideas about what the info seekers need. Im really hopeing my site can become, a very different site then the arts in ruin site, but at the same time serve to the same audiance. That is why when the site is relaunched it will feature links to UP aswell as artsinruins. Also when the new site is laucheched there will only be copyright managed photo's and hopefully candid quotes from the constructiuon sites along with actuall and probable time lines for there projects. The main purpose of the site id to serve to my brother )and others intrested) who is in the military and can only has so many rights on the web. It will be very friendly to all of those standars. And it should work very well on older computers, or those still using dial up. I will not feature a message board- i would much rather any one intrested make thier way to good'ol fourm 141. With that said please feel free to send any ideas or suggestions. This site will have a grand relaunch before september and will have a very good search presence when you search the key words providence, and providence projects. Thats all i have for now...

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