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Haywood Mall Retail


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-Character World now open in old Lids locker Room spot.

-CB4U engraving shop now open.

Only four empty tenant spaces left in the entire mall. All of them are on the upper level and two of them are located within the food court.

I think that 7 empty spaces, in lieu of Zumiez, Character World and CB4U would be better for the mall and for Greenville.

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Do you know if it will be womens and mens or just womens clothes?


I don't know the answer to this, but most of them I've seen have been women's only. In the one I've been in that had men's I did find a shirt I liked, but it was a small selection...not really worth weaving your way through crowds of teenagers in my opinion! My sisters will be thrilled to hear this though!

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Bath & Body Works is currently in the old Bakers location while their regular store is remodeled.


Sears is remodeling with new tan walls and faux wood flooring replacing the carpeting as a result of the Forever 21 deal.  They are re-arranging the store, as well.  A lot of the left side of the downstairs has been blocked off with plastic and work is going on, but how are you going to access Forever 21 from the mall?  It doesn't look like it's going to run the entire side of the store as I thought it would.  Sears' elevator is on the wall that runs against the mall on that left side.  Will you have to go in to Sears to get to Forever (interestingly, they have put their new Juniors department right in front of this area)?  They have redone all of the entrance area in the new Sears theme so it doesn't look like Forever will be getting its own entrance from the mall, but I find that hard to believe.  Anybody know?

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Payless Shoes is closing at the mall.  Is Forever 21 taking over that space as well?  


If F21 is subleasing their space from Sears, do they have a lease agreement with the mall also, or has Sears bought that part of the mall to sublease (unlikely, I'd think)?  Sears' renovation is coming along.

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