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Official BRAC 2005 list, just released

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This was mentioned in the Tucson paper the other day. However, the paper made it out that the air force base here, Davis-Monthan, would be all but shut down and Fort Huachuca could gain thousands of jobs.

Although I'm not thrilled with the base being in town, it's had the ironic effect of containing sprawl as a mass amount of prime land has gone undeveloped because it's right under the flight path.

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Here's the list of how each state made out in net jobs. It should be noted that not all these jobs are equal. These include civilian and military jobs. Also, your local mileage may vary.

9,293 Maryland

7,423 Georgia

6,150 Texas

4,917 Colorado

3,919 Oklahoma

3,585 Arkansas

3,582 Kansas

2,757 Florida

2,664 Alabama

2,197 Indiana

1,088 Tennessee

1,059 Nevada

760 Washington

709 South Carolina

531 Rhode Island

491 Massachusetts

241 Ohio

125 Michigan

91 Delaware

56 Vermont

37 Wyoming

4 New Hampshire

(6) Iowa

(95) Guam

(124) Montana

(161) Puerto Rico

(213) Nebraska

(251) West Virginia

(262) Minnesota

(298) Hawaii

(422) North Carolina

(446) Utah

(550) Arizona

(552) Wisconsin

(659) Idaho

(1,071) New York

(1,083) Oregon

(1,297) Louisiana

(1,574) Virginia

(1,678) Mississippi

(1,878) Pennsylvania

(2,018) California

(2,645) North Dakota

(2,698) Illinois

(2,849) New Mexico

(3,658) Kentucky

(3,760) New Jersey

(3,679) Missouri

(3,797) South Dakota

(4,619) Alaska

(6,496) District of Columbia

(6,938) Maine

(8,586) Connecticut

(13,503) Germany, Korea, and Undistributed


Grand Total (26,187)

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whats the difference between numbers in parentheses and regular numbers?

My base is scheduled to be "realigned", and to lose about 110 military employees, if I read it right. So luckily, not much of a change here... considering this base employees several thousand military personnel.

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Based on what I have seen in the Southern foum, I was sure that Ft. Gordon in GA would close.

RIP: Ft. McPherson, the home of Patton and the 3rd Army in WWII.

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