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They will be adding a digital sign on the north tower (facing south) mirroring the one already in existence on the south tower looking north. Nice nod to the strength of pedestrian traffic if you

That's not a bad idea either. Perhaps a the first Corner Bakery in Orlando would be ideal there.

The Banana Dream cake at TooJay's is the best cake ever. And I challenge anyone who disagrees with me to a cake-off.

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This afternoon, the Orlando City Council is expected to grant final approval to a $6 million deal to bring a movie theater downtown.

The plan calls for a 12-screen "cinema grill" on the second level of The Plaza, with oversized, faux-leather seating for 1,200; cabaret-style tables; and an expanded menu, including beer and wine.

And don't forget the $20 per ticket admission price..... :o

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Even if it were $20/ticket I would probaly still pay it. I see this as more of an experience than a simple movie. I don't go to movies much now, mostly because I don't enjoy the experience of paying $10 to sit in a cramped seat in a crowded room next to strangers, eating way overpriced cheap snacks. I would not mind spending the extra $10 to be comfortable at my own table with people I know. I don't watch movies often so I would look at it much more like a night out than a movie. If I were a more avid movie watcher I probaly would take issue with that price, but as someone who generally waits for DVD so I can sit at home and enjoy the movie, the extra $10 is worth it.

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JRS1, I hope it doesn't smell like cigar smoke as you once mentioned the smell of cigars permeates the elevator shafts of the office towers.

better to smell like cigar smoke than that rank fish smell that Cool Blue was putting out when it was open.

however, I think the cigar smoke smell has been curtailed pretty much since the beginning-- I think I've only noticed it once since then...

I haven't seen the layout of the new design for the cinema yet. I am curious to see how it looks now.

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Ice Cream place left long ago.

Coffee - Volcanoes - Seems to be doing well.

NYPD is expanding

Urban flats is always busy.

ah that would explain things...good to hear nypd is doing well...i was getting the feeling the competition at ginos is really tough on it

i wonder how black olives first weeks of opening are doing...hopefully well, i took a look at their site and their quite pricey...

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finally somewhat ahead of schedule! im excited woohoo!

but dang http://americantheatercorporation.com/ website takes forever to load up!

finally loaded here is what i was looking for... http://303hosting.tech.officelive.com/Docu...%20Entrance.pdf (for anyone who doesnt wish to look thru all the other stuff they've done)

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Walked through the Plaza this evening to see the changes that were made to NYPD Pizza. While walking through I noticed frames that can hold movie posters put up. I took some pics and will see if I can post them.

I just wish they were opening in time for Wolverine & Star Trek.

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