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Fabulous First Ward in Charlotte!!!


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First Ward in downtown Charlotte is bounded by N Tryon St, E Trade St., and I-277


Most of you have seen the big landmarks of First Ward such as the BofA Corp Center and the Hearst Tower, but come with me on a tour of the residential section of First Ward. Most of the residential in First Ward is new and has been built in the past 5 years.

Lets start with an overview. In the foreground are the First Ward Place Aparments and as you go further back are the condos. In the middle of it all is the United House of Prayer and a little shopping center.


This pic focuses in on the First Ward Apartments


While we are up on top of 7th Street Station, here is 2 pics to update you on construction of the Arena and the Childrens Library.

The Arena

You can see that 5th Street has been realinged and Brevard is close between 5th and Trade.


The Childrens Library, you can begin to see the outline of the building on the left and right side.


Okay, lets begin our tour of First Ward...

Walking back from 7th St Station we'll go over a block to 8th St and stop to take a look at the First Ward Place Apartments. There are about 300 units, 25% of which are subsidized housing, the rest are market rate. This was built with a Hope VI grant from the Feds as this replace Earle Village which used to be here. Luckily as you can see they kept some of the old trees, which gives the area some ambaince.


Coming up on the intersection of 8th and Alexander we come across this neat brick townhome, notice the architectural detail.


Turning on Alexander we go over to 9th St and come upon the Green which is a linear park on 9th St running for 3 blocks...in 5-10 years when the trees and landscaping grow in this will be a really neat area.


You can see that the park is lined with houses on down to Trinity Episcopal School.


The homes on the Green are by Saussy Burbank. No cookie cutter stuff here.


Walking on down to the end of the Green and turnaround right in front of Trinity and what is that we see? The Odell Building of course!


Now that we are turned around lets walk back to Alexander St and stroll down there stopping at Garden District Dr looking to the right...we see some duplexs and then the houses on the Green and then in the far distance Jail Central


Looking straight down Garden District...more cool duplexes and townhomes.


Ok well lets keep walking on over to 10th St where we see more Saussy single family homes...


Now lets turn left up 10th St and check out the new townhomes that were just finished...


We have had a good walk, lets take a break at the United House of Prayer where you can get lunch and dinner for $4.95...what a deal! If you are not up for church you can go next door to the Seafood Market where their slogan is "You buy, we fry!" There is the Market, Cingular Cell Store, Bail Bondsman, and a Tanning Saloon...who could ask for anymore? :)


Ok now that we are refreshed lets get in just a few more condos. Over on Garden District Dr we have Tivoli...


We walk back down to Alexander and turn to look back and we can see Tivoli and the back of the new CityView development.


Ok, on back up Alexander St and check out Alexander Court...


Walk in and you find a cute little fountain and courtyard...


Well that brings us to the end of today's tour, hope you enjoyed it!

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good job man- does first ward look a little too artificial to any of you guys? i always get the feeling i'm in the truman show when i walk around there.

IMHO the new and recent (past +/- five years) residential developments in 1st ward remind me of a movie set/cookie cutter/egg crate, etc-so YES, I agree TOTALLY! and that is the Truth The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth. With Thanks for this Opportunity to post what is my Opinion.

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