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Some residential updates in DT Winston-Salem

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over the past week, there has been somewhat of a news blitz about upcoming residential projects in downtown. there has even been a small update on the baseball stadium/mid-rise project. all of this is happening on broad st. the west side of DT.

West End Village (site of the old Unity Place proposal)


developed by Boulevard Centro including a 10 storey high-rise-

250 condos and townhomes-

60,000 sf of office space

15,000 sf of retail

The first phase breaks ground in September with two buildings, one at 4th and Broad which will be 4 storeys and have about 49 units. The other is called the towns at west in village..18 3 storey townhomes




Another new project is proposed for 4th st. the old Davis department store was originally proposed last year for re-use for about 9 condos. Now a new developer has changed the plans. the new proposal is to to demolish the building and build a 6 storey building with ground level retail. hat proposal went before the city council tonight.


This was from today's paper.

Billy Prim, owner of the W-S warthogs has bought land in hopes of turning it into more mixed use residential. with the announcemont of West End Village, Prim want to connect it with his baseball stadium proposal by using this small piece of land.


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