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Google transit maps?

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orulz    106

That would be great! To the best of my knowledge, none of the major map sites include transit. Another thing I'd like to see on Google Maps (or map24 or whatever) are pedestrian trails and off-street bike paths. Right now it takes extensive online research plus a couple phone calls to figure out exactly where these paths are.

It'd be spectacular if they could include a transit navigator. There already are some such sites out there (like in the NC Triangle, or Metro software for the pocketpc). That's nice and all, but the scope of these programs is limited to just one city at a time.

In contrast, there are Japanese websites where you can plot a route on mass transit from a bus stop in one city clear across the country to a subway station in another. These sites have a fairly comprehensive database of all the bus routes, streetcars, subways, trains, planes, and ferries in the country - including schedules and fares. And best of all, it's easily accessible from a cell phone. A huge project, but wouldn't it be great to have something like that in the US as well?I'm not so sure about the airlines, but I bet that transit agencies would love to cooperate on a project like that.

Anyway, it's about time alternative modes of transportation recieved this sort of attention in the US. I guess somebody's bound to do it sooner or later, but I'd rather it be sooner instead of later...

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Aessotariq    1

Miami happens to be working on such as project for its transit system. From the Transit website you will be able to get directions to a destination based on bus or rail route. Right now they will create directions for you manually and return them to you within 24-48 hours. The automated project is expected to debut within the next few months.

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